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Custom panels for plugin GUIs?

Custom panels for plugin GUIs?

Postby noahlt on Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:11 pm

Hi everyone. I recently started using Sublime and I'm really enjoying it.

Is there a way to make custom panels in Sublime? I'd like to build a plugin that has some graphical interface elements. If plugins are able to create their own panels and define interface layout, that would seem to be the most straightforward way, although I'm not sure that is possible.

I tried reading the official documentation as well as sublimetext.info, but neither provided a clear answer. It's possible that I'm using the wrong word — maybe what I want is not a panel but a widget or a view.

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate any tips I can get.
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Re: Custom panels for plugin GUIs?

Postby wbond on Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:10 pm

Sublime does not include anything for user interfaces but:

1. Adding menu entries
2. Opening "output" panels at the bottom of the screen to output text
3. Using the input panel to accept a single box of input from the user
4. The quick panel (used for Goto-Anything)

There is a color picker plugin that I believe uses pygtk on Linux and OSX (but not Windows) to create a GUI via Python. If you search the forum you should be able to find some info about it. I believe it requires the user have the GTK libraries installed for it to work, but I could be very wrong.
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