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font family snippet

font family snippet

Postby agibsonsw on Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:55 am

Hello. I thought I might share the css snippet below. It's kinda cool - although whether it will see a lot of use is a different question :lol:

When you select the snippet (with the trigger 'fontFamily') it appears like this:
font-family: fonts ;/* fonts */

with the second word 'fonts' selected. If you over-type this with, for example, 'TR,HE,SA' it becomes:
font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Helvetica, sans-serif;/* TR,HE,SA */

Pressing Tab will select the whole comment and you can press Delete and carry on 8-)

It uses 29 web-safe fonts, but you can type your own (in full) and they will appear in the list. Typing apostrophes is troublesome, so you can use underscores _ instead - when you type the second underscore your text will be enclosed in apostrophes. Andy.

Code: Select all
   <content><![CDATA[font-family: ${1/(AR)|(AB)|(BA)|(BO)|(CH)|(CO)|(CN)|(CS)|(GA)|(GD)|(GN)|(GO)|(HE)|(IM)|(LC)|(LG)|(LS)|(MN)|(MA)|(ME)|(NY)|(PA)|(PL)|(TA)|(TN)|(TI)|(TR)|(SY)|(VE)|(SE)|(SA)|(FA)|(MO)|(\,)|_([a-zA-Z0-9\-\ ]+)_/?1:Arial:?2:'Arial Black':?3:'Book Antiqua':?4:'Bookman Old Style':?5:Charcoal:?6:Courier:?7:'Courier New':?8:'Comic Sans MS':?9:Garamond:?10:Gadget:?11:Geneva:?12:Georgia:?13:Helvetica:?14:Impact:?15:'Lucida Console':?16:'Lucida Grande':?17:'Lucida Sans Unicode':?18:Monaco:?19:'MS Sans Serif':?20:'MS Serif':?21:'New York':?22:Palatino:?23:'Palatino Linotype':?24:Tahoma:?25:'Times New Roman':?26:Times:?27:'Trebuchet MS':?28:Symbol:?29:Verdana:?30:serif:?31:sans-serif:?32:fantasy:?33:monospace:?34:, :?35:\x27$35\x27/g};${3:/* ${1:fonts } */}
   <scope>source.css  meta.property-list.css</scope>
   <description>Use TI for Times etc</description>
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