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Postby SteveCooperOrg on Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:50 am

That's looking really good, Nick. Please check in your local changes -- my knowledge of the best way of doing all this is poor, so slap in the better code. Don't feel like you're treading on my toes or anything.

Was thinking that it might be cool if the downloader;

1) put a file called, say, details.sublime-download into the package folder
2) that file contained content like this;

Code: Select all
update: 2009-06-02
location: http://www.sublimetextwiki.com/packages/SwapLine.sublime-package

3) an auto-update process could go looking for these files and automatically retrieve the package from it's original url.
Maybe what you're looking for is at the http://www.sublimetextwiki.com
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