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Goto Anything with multiple groups (columns)

Goto Anything with multiple groups (columns)

Postby jimjones on Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:00 am

Hi. First of all let me say, I absolutely love ST2 for use on a Mac. It is amazing the way that it feels totally native despite that it is written in Python and works cross-platform. Outstanding work!

After about 2 months of use, I finally broke down and bought a license. So, given my legal license, I now have moral license to "bitch". Just kidding. :-) But seriously...

I love the idea of Goto Anything, however, I can't figure a way to make it to work for what would seem to be a common workflow if you have multiple "groups" (or at least, in my case, columns). I am typically using it in 2-column mode with multiple tabs open in each. I'll often have notes and outlines and such in one column, and in the other column, have the document files that I'm working on. In other words, one column for reference, the other for production. I want to be able to quickly jump from tab to tab in either column using Goto Anything. While working on some code, I'd like to be able to type cmd+p "brainstorm" and for the focus to change to the other column and bring up that file (e.g., "idea_brainstorm.txt") if it was already open in that column. However, now, your Goto Anything is limited to the currently active column (or am I not using this right?). Of course, I can type [ctrl+<group #> then cmd+p] or [ctrl+<group #> then option+cmd+<left/right>], but that requires a mental context switch to consider which column you need to be in as well as multiple key combos, which avoiding that kind of process is the whole point of Goto Anything.

So, here is my question: Rather than associate Goto Anything with the current column, is it possible to configure ST2 to associate Goto Anything with the entire application or at least a whole window? Alternatively, am I using the feature incorrectly to get the functionality that I'm requesting?
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