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[BUG] Rename files and folders (dev 2110)

[BUG] Rename files and folders (dev 2110)

Postby joaodrp on Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:32 pm


I found two bugs, when I select "rename file" on an opened file in the sidebar and in a tab, after inserting the new name, the file reloads correctly in the sidebar, showing the new name, but the tab with the opened file do not reload, and of course, if I save the file it will create another file with the older name (because it dont reload the new name on the opened file tab).

When renaming a folder on the project sidebar, after telling the new name it does not reload the folders on the sidebar, neither the new name, neither the new locations of the opened files and I get some errors telling me that subl cant save/locate the file x. I need to manually close and reopen all this or go to project settings file and change the name of the folder there to the new name, and then it reloads the folders in sidebar correctly, so I think that this problem can be solved by auto edit the project settings after each renaming.
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