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[BUG] using Goto Anything with Goto Symbol/Word

[BUG] using Goto Anything with Goto Symbol/Word

Postby sheldno on Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:14 pm

When combining the use of Goto Anything with Goto Symbol or Goto Word, ST2 doesn't goto the selected choice, it just goes to the first one in the list.

In a Rails app I want to goto the method authorized? in the application controller.

I type ctrl+p to start Goto Anything
then I type "app con @auth"

This finds the application controller and gives me a list of symbols that match "auth". The first item on the list is "authorization_filter" and the second item is "authorized?". I press the down arrow to select "authorized?" because that's where I'm trying to go, I press enter and ST2 takes me to "authorization_filter" instead.

The same issue happens when using # for Goto Word. Issue does not apply to Goto Line.

I'm using build 2134 on Linux.

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