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Remote File Path

Remote File Path

Postby BestGreek on Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:08 pm

I really like Sublime 2 but I'm so far not able to find the remote file path. Normally when doing web work I use transmit and Smultron or BBEdit. In either editor when I open a file from transmit somewhere in the Text Editor (BBEdit or Smultron) I can see what the remote file path is.


In sublime I see the local path which is a temporary file in the transmit directory. Is there a setting to turn on the report path. The main reason I need this feature is I often can have file with the same name and work on them at the same time. Without the remote path I don't know which is which.

For example if I was working on 5 different web sites they might all have a style.css file.

Is there a work around or advice anyone can share?

Thank you,
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