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api to query and set the appearance of text in regions

api to query and set the appearance of text in regions

Postby vim on Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:12 pm

i have this idea of exposing the following feature through sublime api. the feature is the ability to query and set/change the appearance of font/background regions. by saying appearance i refer to font color, background color. if i you let me be greedy then also italic/bold/size/type of font. if i am even more greedier then the graphical parameters could be also nice (hue, gamma, etc.)

what can we do with it?
* we can set the region to the selected text, and make it bold.
* remember the requested sticky search feature? well, one can save the search pattern and reselect the text with custom color background to implement sticky search.
* we can set the affected region/s to all the unselected text, and apply to him gray font color or if possible dimmer look, so we can concentrate on the part of code we want.
* we can highlight all function headers with one search, and keep all the other lines grayed out.
* etc.
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