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how do i set path variables in ST2?

how do i set path variables in ST2?

Postby doug9876 on Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:07 am

i have looked through all of the files recited in the help, etc.--"global sublime settings" etc. Literally all of them.

I just want to tell ST2 where my python is located (*not* my system python, which it uses by default). I can't even find where any of the path variables are set.

i would be grateful if someone would tell me which file (and which is highest priority) *and* what is the syntax for this (since i can't find a template in the files i've searched so far).

Or if this helps to better explain: in TextMate 2: Preferences > Variables where you can supply the editor with location of certain resources (e.g., your git install, the version of python you want to set as your default) by setting values for variables like TM_PYTHONPATH, TM_PATH, etc.

From the research i have done, it seems that instead of this system, ST2 holds this data in preference files--and probably multiple such files, with a particular preference order. That's fine, but i have looked everyone i think it ought to be and still can't find it.

This is important stuff, and i am surprised it is ignored in the docs, etc. For instance, the python REPL files up with my system python, which is not what i want. I want to tell it to use my user installed python.


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