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Small "Distraction Free" glitch in 2194 on OSX

Small "Distraction Free" glitch in 2194 on OSX

Postby fburleigh on Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:30 pm

Because I think Distraction Free (DF) on OSX goes just a bit far, I've got this in my user prefs:


I think this causes ST2 to get a big edgy on my MBP (it's closed) driving a 27" Cinema Display with OSX 10.7.3.

When I enter DF, I see a clean editing window (good!) with no menu until I move my mouse to the area where the menu would display. The menu appears but with an i-bar cursor. The menu behaves properly other than that. The view menu reads Exit Full Screen *and* Exit DF.

* Is the hidden menu proper behavior? I imagine the i-bar current and maybe "exit full screen" are the edgy bits.

* Then I use the menu to exit DF. ST2 reverts to its original size, but its menu does not display -- no menu at all. I can switch to another app to redisplay a menu, then back to ST2 whose menu then appears.

Thanks very much.
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