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Tab-Autocomplete and Duplicate Code?

Tab-Autocomplete and Duplicate Code?

Postby Helix on Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:11 pm

Hey everyone,

So I'm wondering about two things here:

First - How can I stop tab autocompletion from happening based on what type of file I'm working in. Ie, how can I make it so that in .css or .less, I only have css auto-complete suggestions that appear rather than HTML tags? It's quite annoying to have to undo things just because in a css file I type in "html" and all of a sudden "<html> </html>" appears.

Second - Is there any way to go through a file and automatically highlight duplicate styles? Let's say I'm in a css file, and I want to see everything that has display: none; set. Is there a way to show duplicates like this via highlight? Also, are there any plugins to look through a number of files within a directory and see duplicate styles to help slim down the number of css files I have? An example: look through 10 css files, searching for all instances of:

display: none;
color: #000;
-webkit-border-radius: 10px;

I'm really looking to take the massive amount of .less files that I currently have for our system (over 50 at the moment) and combine functionality and turn what I can into components and more re-usable code.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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