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How to do some basic things

How to do some basic things

Postby pkiula on Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:14 am


I code in HTML5 and PHP, so this includes CSS, JS, and sometimes SH (bash scripts) files. Should be fairly simple.

I am moving from Coda after the debacle with Coda 2 being bloatware and Espresso.

Very open to learning new UI bits, but I do need some help.


1. Where can I set preferences VISUALLY? I do not want to write config stuff. THis is standard OSX functionality. Hope the team here has some mechanism to set up preferences as I do with ALL other software. (For example, I need to change the font size etc).

2. How can I setup SFTP to my server, so that when I save a file, I automatically get an option to upload/sync the currently edited files to my server?

3. Are there any plugins for text manipulation (like easily changing to uppercase, lowercase), or removing whitespace characters, or minifying JS and CSS, etc?

That's for a start.

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Re: How to do some basic things

Postby adzenith on Fri Jun 01, 2012 6:07 pm

1. For font size, you can go to Preferences>Font>Larger/Smaller. There's no visual preferences editor, though; sorry.
2. wbond has an FTP plugin that a lot of people like. I haven't used it myself personally however.
3. uppercase: cmd+k, cmd+u; lowercase: cmd+k, cmd+l. I don't know about minification cause I usually write C or python.
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Re: How to do some basic things

Postby ninjaroll on Fri Jun 01, 2012 6:33 pm

Coming from TextMate, I was a little intimidated with the whole non GUI for preferences, but once you dive in feet first, it's really not all that difficult. The majority of preferences should be done in the User folder so you won't mess with the "core" of ST2

I would highly recommend installing Package Manager which allows you to install/uninstall/discover/ new plugins

This was also extremely helpful to me as well https://github.com/mrmartineau/SublimeTextSetup
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