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[BAD] replacing closing quotes in HTML doubles the quote

[BAD] replacing closing quotes in HTML doubles the quote

Postby fburleigh on Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:08 pm

ST2 (any version I've used) or a plugin has a bad habit: if I delete with backspace, then retype, a closing quote in a run of text (typical case below) ST2 prefers to double my closing quote, and leave the cursor between the two quotes. That's not good. Replacing "fancy" quotes with plain ones is a common case for me. I'd guess ST2 doesn't realize my cursor's not within the scope of an angle bracket, so should not be helping me. It does not offer this same help on opening quotes -- perhaps because there's usually a character other than space immediately right of the quote in those cases.

Installed plugins that might matter are: HTML5, SublimeCodeIntel, ZenCoding.

Thank you.

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Second, the court determined that “the decision whether to approve a NOI is a discretionary determination through which the agency can influence private mining activities to benefit listed species.” (Karuk Tribe at *15.) The court noted that “the Forest Service can exercise its discretion to benefit a listed species by approving or disapproving NOIs based on whether the proposed mining activities satisfy particular habitat protection criteria. The agency can reject a NOI and require that the prospective miner instead submit a Plan of Operations, under which the Forest Service can impose additional habitat protection conditions.”  Thus the court was able to continue to skirt the issue of whether the Forest Service can forbid mining altogether by refusing to approve plans of operations, as we discuss in Note 3, casebook p. 606.
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Re: [BAD] replacing closing quotes in HTML doubles the quote

Postby nick. on Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:45 pm

This is actually just one of the default keybindings. Open Preferences >> Key Bindings -- Default and search for "Auto-pair quotes" . You can change the "following_text" parameter as you see fit; removing the space may work for you.
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