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Some idea's

Some idea's

Postby landin88 on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:13 am

EDIT! Wrong section, can someone move this please? :)

So, I work with Unity3D with C# and some thing I do with my scripting is at the top I always put a comment block to show I made the script and in Monodevelop, I think in VS too when you type "///" it automatically creates a comment block like this
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///(class name)

And adding that in would be a pretty sweet thing.
Also I like the folding idea but also in VS and Monodevelop you can type in something like this

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#region Variables that need setters and getters
   private string _name;
   private int _level;
   private uint _freeExp;

An arrow will show up, Like in sublime where you can collapse a function but it collapses from #region to #endregion and I find it more convenient then code folding.
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