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sublime extensions

sublime extensions

Postby vim on Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:03 pm

in general, i think the editor will shine with its extensions. in my opinion the focus should move to supporting this.

- making a built-in plugin system, for using, developing, and downloading packages. example: firefox add-ons management and site, or jquery site. it must include versions, ability to install/uninstall/disable and see the versions
- upgrading the API documentation. the documentation lacks verbosity and examples, and sometimes it is just missing. it might be a wiki style or something to offload jon
- fix quirks on the extension system, like the dependency on order of loading (see AAA*) or the dependency on the order of key binding (User starts with 'U' so it overrides most of the key binding, but what if the package starts with Z or A or X, why does it have to matter?)
- managing the packages from within the editor. to be able to do all of the above from within the editor could be really nice to have (not first priority though)

what do you think?
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Re: sublime extensions

Postby tgkeul on Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:51 pm

I agree that the plugin system could bear some modifications.
  • A Firefox plugin system will be a pleasure but I'm afraid of the work load.
  • A file with a package loading sequence was my first idea. But I don't think this will be very comfortable. Loading Plugins on demand (and with them the referenced packages) may be a solution to discuss. It may slow down editing on the first usage of the plugin.
  • Overriding of key binding should be independent from the loading sequence of the plugin. The solution of other editors to present a list of commands bound to the key pressed is not an option. Overriding is good. It makes it easy to change the bindings. I propose an overriding convention:
    • first load the default keymap,
    • then load package keymaps in random order
    • at last load user keymap.
    Two or more packages scramble for a key. The user should notice if the editor does something surprisingly. The user is asked to customize the user keymap.
  • I've used bundle editors and I don't think this will be a good way to go. I already edit the plugins, language files and keymaps in ST. Making a package a project is it.
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