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bug ? Can't unselect after a "select all" [windows]

bug ? Can't unselect after a "select all" [windows]

Postby tong on Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:02 pm


On windows, when you select a line or a word, the drag&drop text functionality is active even if you do a single click, so you don't loose the current selection like it should. I can still click somewhere else on the text, but if i've selected the whole document, i don't have any other solution than doing a copy/pastle to remove the selection. Clicking on the selection or outside on the whitespace doesn't help.
Doing a double-click work however, it select the first group of characters like it should.

It may be hard to reproduce, because even on my computer, the bug doesn't always appear (but is here most of the time however)

(another problem, but maybe something harder to fix: search inside big documents (>20mb) make any operation really slow (it's slow to open the search bar, it's slow to type inside the search field, and of course it's slow to search :). A search inside the same document with notepad++ work really faster for example)

EDIT: Forgot to say: Sublime Text 2, V2.01, Build 2217
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Re: bug ? Can't unselect after a "select all" [windows]

Postby Paescari on Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:36 am

It sounds like you might just want to know how to disable Drag and Drop. If so, insert this line in your User Settings file:

Code: Select all
"drag_text": false

This will enable you to make a selection and then deselect it by single-clicking anywhere in the document.
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Re: bug ? Can't unselect after a "select all" [windows]

Postby PHANT0M on Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:18 am

It will be better to implement selected text drag and drop like in other editors, for example visual studio.

1. Select text
2. Mouse down on selected text
3. If mouse moves out of 7x7 pixels box from the initial click position drag&drop is started
4. If mouse up is happened while mouse still inside the box text just deselects

This variant is more user friendly and cover both user operations.
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