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Word Definition + Spellcheck

Word Definition + Spellcheck

Postby sevol on Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:40 am

Hi I just started using Sublime and love it!!! I'm a webdesigner and writing html/css with this is much much easier. I want to use sublime for more then just writing programming code but for regular documents. I just started watching a tv show and there were some vocabulary that I did not know, so I typed them in sublime and manually copy pasted the definition. It was fine until I figured that I was pretty dumb because there were a lot of more words :/ Manually copy/pasting from dictionary.com was tiresome as well ;/ Can someone shed some light on how I would create a plugin for this? It should spellcheck the word first :D then look up the definition or reference meaning of a word. I find that asking b4 reading the API for any system is a better way of learning for me cuz if I were to just read the API, I wouldn't know what I'm reading :D. THIS WOULD HELP ME A LOT THANKS!
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