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Key bindings for accented characters

Key bindings for accented characters

Postby GMB on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:39 pm

I frequently create content in languages other than English and need to be able to type accented characters. I created these key bindings to get the accents I need using the conventional Mac key combinations. Modify as needed/desired. FWIW, they're up on github here.

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{ "keys": ["alt+`,a"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "à"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+i,a"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "â"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+e,e"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "é"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+`,e"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "è"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+i,e"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "ê"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+`,e"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "ë"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+u,i"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "ï"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+i,i"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "î"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+i,o"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "ô"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+`,u"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "ù"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+i,u"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "û"} },
{ "keys": ["alt+u,u"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "ü"} }
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