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Sublime SVN general usage question

Sublime SVN general usage question

Postby BrianTarbox on Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:13 pm

Apologies for a basic question but I'm a bit puzzled trying to use the SVN tool within Sublime.
I think my confusion is about projects and the folder sidebar. We're doing web development and our project sequence tends to be:
-run web tool that creates a whole tree of files
-checkin in the tree
-checkout the tree on another computer
-develop on both computers

We seem to have issues where the new folder/project doesn't appear in the folder side view, sometimes we get the error that "svn.exe" wasn't found (seems to be when processing a large number of files), sometimes we can access "svn general command" but at other times the option isn't there, etc. I feel like we're missing a basic concept which is why this is such a badly formed question :-(

Any pointers would be appreciated...as long time svn user I'm puzzled at being so puzzled!

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