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a few bugs (assertion failed) with latest beta

a few bugs (assertion failed) with latest beta

Postby oats on Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:18 pm

# 1 -- double-click to highlight word and drag - works well in general, THANK YOU for adding this! However, when dragging, consecutive punctuation characters are grouped together as words, and i think this shouldn't be. for example, take the line: (word1+word2).*word3; I should be able to double-click word1 and drag the selection WITHOUT ).* being grouped together as a "word". MS Word does this behavior, but MS Visual Studio does better -- it recognizes that for code, certain punctuation marks are often used to deliminate words, i.e. parenthesis and period. I may want to include the parenthesis in my selection without the following punctuation. I hope that makes sense.
# 2 --
Code: Select all
void cpp_function(void)
// this comment line is not syntax highlighted correctly

# 3 -- in the minimap, i can only drag the viewable region if i click inside the orange box. i want to be able to click (and hold) outside this box and continue to drag the view. hope that makes sense.
# 4 -- tried to move one line in the Application.sublime-options from the end of the file to the middle, saved the file, and got this error: Assertion failed in .\text\token\token_storage.cpp:969: start <= size() i made a different change later, and got the same error again, though not reproducable.
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