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Is possible to convert word wrap to end line ?

Is possible to convert word wrap to end line ?

Postby yet on Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:40 am

I was wondering, is It possible to convert word wrap ending line, to end line ? ( sorry for my English, wish I could explain better )

For example, let say I have a lorem ipsum paragraph that wrap at column 80 (preferences: word wrap on, 80, system. I'm on windows )
If I save the txt, and open it in another editor, ie Notepad2, my wrapped paragraph is now a looooong line at row 1.

Is there a way to convert my wrapped paragraph to true lines of text ? Like as instead of wrapping my paragraph I pressed the enter key.
Is there an option ? Do I need a script ?

Thank you guys and sorry for my English. Have a nice day.
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