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Projects, workspaces, miscellany

Projects, workspaces, miscellany

Postby barty on Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:58 pm

First, thanks for the minimap quick fix, Jon. (I still like to see bookmarks and max zoom level :)) Now, some thoughts I have on projects:

Typically I'm actively working on a bunch of different things at a time. A couple of plain html/css websites, some php stuff, some rails stuff, some sublime-* files, then just some random files. Then there are some old projects I touch once in a while. For each of these projects, I like to have a certain set of files opened.

Right now, in sublime, I have a bunch of files opened from different projects and they all commingle rather messily. I guess if I have multi monitors and/or large screen, I can split them out and organize them better. Or just have fewer files opened and close them when not needed right at the moment. (Naaahh, not gonna happen!)

But what I'd like is to have different workspaces (analogous to having different desktops on Linux rather than everything being on one desktop in Windows). Open a bunch of different files, save the workspace. Now if I close the workspace, all those files close with it. I can switch between workspaces and only the corresponding files in it will be visible at a time. For minimal impact to the GUI, I think you can add a workspace switcher next to the syntax and encoding switcher at the right hand side of the status. For people who don't want to bother, there's a default workspace that works just the way it is now. Workspaces other than the default can be saved automatically or manually.

Then if I want to, I can associate a project with a workspace. So when I open a project, the associated workspace opens automatically and I have all the files I'm working in that project opened. Likewise when I close the project. (Right now, opening a project doesn't do anything AFAICT except to switch an internal variable. I don't really know what the current project is until I OpenFilesInProject.) Maybe when I create a project, sublime can ask if I want to create a workspace by the same name and associate it with it, or associate an existing workspace with it.

If that sounds too messy, you can just merge the concepts of projects and workspaces and let each project have its own workspace automatically. Sacrifice some flexibility for simplicity.

I think much of this can be done lazily via a plug in by just copying the auto save session to <workspace>.sublime-session. I just don't know how to make sublime load a specific sublime-session file on the fly.


* Small API doc error: splitByLines should be splitByNewlines

* Can you add a separate font.face for the quick panel's input box instead of using the editor's font. I use a pretty big editor font and it gets cut off in the quick panel. I'd rather not shrink the editor font for the sake of the quick panel.


(I'm searching for query, not auerv)



* If I open the showSelectPanel, why isn't the first item highlighted automatically, since pressing Enter will select the first item anyway? Instead, the selection bar shows only when I hit down arrow. Showing the selection bar right away will a) give a visual indication of what will be selected if you hit Enter, and b) save an extra keystroke.

* It'll be nice if I can select multiple items in showSelectPanel with Ctrl+click. I know control+enter will open every item, but rarely do I want to do that. If you just keep the panel open when user ctrl+click and trigger the command or callback as many times as needed, that will be great.

* pls add Home and End navigation to the select panel


I stumbled across openBrowseableProject, which isn't documented anywhere. It's nice but I'd like to have keybd navigation. Also, is there a way to toggle the entire panel on/off? It seems I can only close each tab individually; the panel closes by itself when there are no more tabs. When I reopen, I have to expand the folders again, which is annoying.

thanks for your time.
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Re: Projects, workspaces, miscellany

Postby jps on Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:50 am

There has been some talk in the past about having multiple sessions, and being able to switch between them. I'd like to do it, but it does raise some complications, for example, the set of open windows and their positions on screen are part of the session, but it likely doesn't make sense to be moving windows around, opening/closing them etc when all you want to do is open a different workspace. Anyway, it's something that needs to be thought about.

You can change the fonts used by the widgets by editing Default/Options/Widget.sublime-options

Home and End navigation on the quick panel would conflict with the usual key bindings for home and end for the text area. Both are useful things to have, there's no ideal way to resolve this as far as I can see.

openBrowseableProject is a legacy from when project support was heading in a different direction. I don't intend to do any more work on it.

re: the other suggestions, I like them, and I've added them to the todo list
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Re: Projects, workspaces, miscellany

Postby seanch on Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:22 am

I'd also love to have a project workspace feature in Sublime Text. It's pretty much the only thing from UltraEdit I'm really missing (along with multi-file search/replace).
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Re: Projects, workspaces, miscellany

Postby Seldaek on Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:56 am

As for the problem of multiple sessions, the way I see it each session would have (optionally) its own project opened and files opened as well, when you switch to another session it closes all, opens the new session files. For window sizes and stuff, honestly I couldn't care less it's not like I ever move my editor around, but it shouldn't be too hard to save that kind of information in another global-session file I suppose ?

Right now I usually resort to having like 3 vertical views, and I open stuff for different projects in different views, and then resize them so as to almost only see the active project windows, but this is obviously less than optimal. So it would be a much appreciated feature addition :)
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Re: Projects, workspaces, miscellany

Postby willi297 on Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:13 pm

The latest beta of Sublime 20100119 has find in either open buffers or a directory. No support yet for replacement though. I would definitely like to see this as well, since I used that a ton in Notepad++ and it's good to know that UltraEdit has this support too.
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