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Showing function's arguments.

Showing function's arguments.

Postby Black on Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:55 am

Hi, is there a way (plugin) for showing the prototype of a function in C ?
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int randomFunction (int a, int b) {
    myOwnFunction(arg1, arg2, ?);

When in this function, the plugin "Find function name" would print "randomFunction(int a, int b) {" in the statusbar, what I would like it to do (when the cursor is between the two parenthesis of myOwnFunction, of course) is to print "void myOwnFunction(int firstArgument, int second, char third).
Would be nice if it would also support the prototypes of the system's function (printf() and stuff).

Does Somebody know a way of doing it please ?

Thank you.
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