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BUG REPORT: Incorrect Rendering of "Activated" Brackets/Tags

BUG REPORT: Incorrect Rendering of "Activated" Brackets/Tags

Postby frou on Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:08 pm

Hi. There's a rendering problem with the feature that allows brackets/tags nearest your caret to be coloured differently. The one controlled by these theme settings:
Code: Select all
bracketsOptions / bracketContentsOptions / tagsOptions: foreground

Code: Select all
bracketsForeground / bracketContentsForeground / tagsForeground: COLOUR_X

The problem is that the bracket/tag still seems to get drawn using its "normal" colour, just with a second pass of COLOUR_X blended over the top.

Here's a screenshot. I've used some questionable colours in order to illustrate this at its clearest, but the point is that the "activated" tag should simply be COLOUR_X (in this case, black) and not have its "normal" colour (in this case, orange) poking out from underneath.


With more normal colours (as I initially noticed this), it's manifested as the glyphs simply looking like their anti-aliasing is screwy.


OS X 10.8.2
Sublime 2.0.1, 2217
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