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Color scheme not saving

Color scheme not saving

Postby concordusapps on Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:09 pm

I have installed Nil theme using Package Control. Restarted Sublime Text. Set my color scheme to TubNil and my theme to Nil. After about 3 seconds the color scheme jumps to Solarized (Light). It's a strange problem because the default theme is Monakai. Why does my color scheme not stick?

MacOSX Lion

Attempted Solutions
I've copied just the color scheme and theme variables from Default.Settings to User.Settings and set those accordingly (to Nil). Then I copied all of Default.Settings over to User.Settings and just changed the two items. Once I save the settings, it switches scheme and theme to Nil, then after 3 seconds the Color Scheme jumps back to Solarized (Light) but the theme stays Nil.
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