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Completion priority issue

Completion priority issue

Postby slashrsm on Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:43 pm

I am using a plugin that analyzes Drupal projects and uses API to inject completions. The problem is that this plugin completely overrides standard PHP (they are literally gone) completion tags, that are provided in .sublime-completions file. I understand priority principle here, but as far as I understand it only affects ordering of suggestions, not their actual appearances in the list.

On the other hand I see expected behaviour with Snippets. If I enter prefix that matches suggestions from snippets, Drupal's API injections and standard PHP completions, I get those form snippets and API injections, but the ones form files are missing. This is quite confusing, since I get expected behaviour when it comes to Snippets/API relation, but I do not when it comes to API/files relation.

Drupal module was injecting all tags instead of just those that matched. That was definitely a huge problem which I fixed, but the question I exposed still confuses me a bit. Any clarification would be more than welcome.

Here is the issue/pull request on github: https://github.com/tanc/st2-drupal-auto ... e/issues/6
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