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Split a single tab/window without the Column/Clone Dance

Split a single tab/window without the Column/Clone Dance

Postby seiz on Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:53 pm

Hi there,

as a long time BBedit user, i am currently evaluating ST and am this close to switching.

The only thing i really miss is a way to quickly and simply split a window. In BBedit, you simply drag a handle from above the scrollbar and you're done. Almost all other Editors on OSX offer a similar feature.

In ST, you'd have to add a column or row and clone the file you want to use in to the new column or row. The new column or row will then also waste space in order to be able to display document tabs etc. This is wasting a lot of space, especially when working on a small monitor, like an 11" MacBook Air.
I'd relly prefer being able to open a document and in the same Tab just add a horizontal split without changing the layout or adding another row or column.

I usually only split windows horizontally, so that i see one part of my file in the top of the window and second part on the bottom. I do this daily and find the way i'd have to do this in ST very cumbersome and in fact, not usable (for me).

Is there any way to achieve the behavior i described or are there plans for 3.0 to implement such a window splitting?
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