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% in commands in vintage mode

% in commands in vintage mode

Postby wsdookadr on Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:57 pm

Hello, I'm a long-time vim user.
I bought a Sublime license because I like it a lot.

I'm using Sublime2.

I have a problem though: I want to write
Code: Select all
:!command %
in vintage mode but it doesn't know what "%" is.

Could you please fix this? I use it a lot.

This is basically a feature request, or a compatibility request, but I would be very happy if Sublime would support it.

P.S. I like vim too and still use it, but the problem with vim is its awkward vimscript language and I hope when I make the full
transition to Sublime I'll be able to write some plugins using Python for example.
I also like the fact that, like vim, you have many many plugins and, unlike vim, you have a standard package control plugin which is .. needless to say,
one of the best features possible(among many others).
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