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Insert Random Word

Insert Random Word

Postby justinfoote on Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:21 am

I've written this little plugin to insert a random word into the current view. I inserts into a single or multiple selection, and has some simple settings for min/max word size.

I use it for unit testing. I can't count the times I was writing a unit test and got to a point where I needed a string, just any string of text, and it totally broke my flow of thought. So now, I just hit ctrl+shift+r, and a random word is put in place, and I can keep typing.

It's also somewhat useful. A bit ago, we had a problem with an intermittent test failure that was caused by some weird interaction between two different tests. It was obvious what the problem was though, because we got the helpful SQL error that included the word 'cartels', which luckily existed in only a single place in our entire code base.

Install it with package manager. Here: https://github.com/justinfoote/InsertRandomWord.git
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