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New to plugins need advice - file copy plugin.

New to plugins need advice - file copy plugin.

Postby lancelot_one on Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:22 am

Hi All!

I need to create a file copy plugin for ST2.

I'll read up on all the plugin stuff, but want people's advice on what to read, and what to do to start etc...

And any thoughts on creating the plugin itself are very much appreciated. As we're new to ST2.

I want to either:

Just quick clone the folders selection area in the side bar. Make a second one there and then drag the folders to the second area, cool, easy and well needed here in the software.

That way the first folder/file selection area would be the one you are working in and then the second would be the one to drag it to/copy to. Eazy peazy, and elegant.

As we could then use the already existing Sublime Text 2 code base I would think for that and the existing code. And probably without much work, just a clone of already available technology that would really be useful. Which is a really needed feature in this software. It would have the extra advantage of then just like the the first sidebar file area being able to stay set to the current directory used there. That way a person could copy one or many files or even folders, easily. Or even hide/show it.

Or if not able to do that:

Maybe we could do a move(copy) plugin that has a json config where you can set the dir path to copy to and then have the plugin add a right click option when you click a file or a folder to move/copy it to.

I admit I am unfamiliar with the plugin system here. So I don't know if either are possible.

We want to copy files from a working area to a test area for test, iterations and refactoring. And there seems to be a hole here in the ST2 software here for copying files to another directory/test area.

Thoughts? Possible?

Thanks for any answers, much appreciation for any thoughts on this. TIA


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Re: New to plugins need advice - file copy plugin.

Postby lancelot_one on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:44 am

Hi All! We're going to hold off on this for a little bit, although we weren't able to either copy or drag/drop files between ST2 Projects. If you are using ST2 projects. I think we found/have a work around. And will have a better knowledge of what is needed if we use it for a little bit. Best, -C

If you think of ST2 projects as not really being projects per se and more like file/folder containers, that well don't really have anything to do with projects, or the properties of projects, then you can just add all your "projects" basically as different "project" folders metaphorically to the default project. And then use a plugin for copy and paste between them on the sidebar.

While we'd like to truly copy and paste between projects, the above can do for now.
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