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Fontofeelya - ST3 Font/Color Plugin

Fontofeelya - ST3 Font/Color Plugin

Postby eibbors on Wed May 01, 2013 11:28 pm

Howdy partners,

I have released my first proper Sublime Text plugin, a swiss-army knife type tool for fine-tuning your font and color scheme settings in creative ways and augmenting the existing system whenever possible. I consider myself a full blown customization addict, a fontophile if you will, and was driving myself mad trying to make regex color replacements and remember obscure font face names (Meslo LG L/M/S DZ on Windows comes to mind). I eventually started reading up on some Python and before long had a bunch of very user-unfriendly plugins and scripts that I've been condensing into one, user-friendly plugin, brilliantly dubbed Fontofeelya. :lol:

You can find her on the Githuber here:

Anyway, I would love to get feedback, feature requests, and ideas from the community on the plugin. It 's also only been tested with Sublime Text 3 on Windows and LInux so I'm crossing my fingers that OSX and ST2 will also work. Some features I already have done, but need to refactor and merge into Fontofeelya include:

- View-specific modifiers for font settings (have not tried color scheme modification yet) which is the top priority on my development roadmap.
- Font face and font option tools along the lines of the font size/alias stuff there now
- Some HSL color based effects and a ton of experimental contrast tweaks that rely on analyzing the color scheme's fg/bg relationship

Anyone willing to help is welcome to fork and send pull requests, but may want to wait a week in case the view-specific modifiers requires an overhaul to the existing command "API". Or whatever
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Re: Fontofeelya - ST3 Font/Color Plugin

Postby facelessuser on Thu May 02, 2013 3:42 am

Just to let you know, there is a plist module to make parsing color schemes easy in python. You don't have to use regex, but it I guess it is working for you.

I did something like this in ExportHtml outputs viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6947&hilit=exporthtml&start=80#p39582, but I only applied it to the HTML output; I thought about making a plugin before to adjust themes, but I could never really come up with a practical application.

I did think though that a the ability to incrementally adjust the brightness or contrast of a theme (not the original, but copy it somewhere and adjust the copy) would be kind of neat. Sometimes when you get some glare it would be nice with certain themes.
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