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Two improvement for the Projects

Two improvement for the Projects

Postby Spheerys on Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:28 pm


I just discovered Sublime Text. Befor, I used Geany as editor.
I'm still in "testing mode", but I think I will register quickly :)
However, I still prefer the Geany's Projet Manager.
Not a big things, you will see.
  • when you create a new project under ST, you have to create the project-file.sublime-project somewhere. Can we imagine a optionnal parameter to make a default directory for theses files ? In my case, I will prefer to have all of them in one place instead of one per project directory
  • a cosmetic idea now : can we imagine a optionnal parameter to personnalize the view of the recent projects ? In my case, I will love to hide the path and the extension, and have only the file name as project name. It will be more clear for me.

Thanks for thoses considerations :)
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Re: Two improvement for the Projects

Postby skuroda on Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:01 am

1. Though there isn't something to default to a given directory, you can place the project files where ever you want. Well, unless you manually specify relative paths for the project. Though even with that, you can do them relative to a particular directory. I believe, by default, it specifies an absolute path, so you can place them where ever you want. I personally keep all mine in ~/sublime_projects/.
2. Interesting idea, nothing to add to this as I don't know of a way to do anything like that in ST.
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