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How using SublimeClang Autocomplete with Libarys?

How using SublimeClang Autocomplete with Libarys?

Postby Ceqqq on Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:19 pm

Hello all,

i using SublimeText3 (new at all) under Ubuntu 13.04. i programming graphic applictions with the SFML-Libary and C++.
I need Autocomplete in SublimeText for the SFML Libary, so i google a little bit. What ive do:

Preferences > Package Settings > Sublime Clang > Settings-User

i add the following lines.

Code: Select all

but the autocomplete does no work. Iam also not sure if i use /usr/local/include/SFML or usr/local/include/ generally for the -I option. The .hpp files are in /SFML/ . . . But whatever i do, nothing changed.

Btw. the autocomplete for the standard headers does not work too. mhh...

Can anybody explain me how to use autocomplete right and hwat i did wrong :) ?

Thank you
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Re: How using SublimeClang Autocomplete with Libarys?

Postby Roflhouse42 on Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:38 am

I just got this working. One thing that isn't that obvious is that you actually need Clang installed. I did this for windows so it will be different but google won't steer you wrong. Yeah I didn't install clang when I first tried to get that working. Also I use clang for some more complex libraries that don't all compile with clang. I found it helpful to turn off the warnings/errors popup menu. Also clang works off of the #includes in your files. If you don't #include clang does not know where to look. PS clang is a bitch and a half to install in windows I hope that is different for linux
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