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getting REPL to work

getting REPL to work

Postby nkoss on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:50 am

Sorry if this is just a dumb question, but I am new at this. I'm using ST2 and I have installed Sublime REPL. It appears as the last item in the Tools menu. If I choose "Sublime REPL", then "Load Current File" while a Python file is open, the error message says That Python is not supported by this plugin. But the readme file for this plugin shows an example using plugin. Have I missed a step here?
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Re: getting REPL to work

Postby edubkendo on Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:39 am

The easiest way I know of to use SublimeREPL is from the command palette. Type ctrl-shift-p (on linux at least, might be something like cmd-shift-p on a mac) which brings up a big list of commands. This uses Fuzzy Searching to find things, so you can just start typing what your looking for and it will bring up everything containing those letters. Type "REPL" and a list of all available repl's will show up. You'll need to find one of the SEVERAL python choices. I just tried the plain python one, and it works fine on my system.

Once you have a REPL up and running, you can switch back to the buffer containing your code and choose the Eval in REPL command to evaluate either a selection, a file, a line, or whatever.

From reading your question again, it looks like the step you were missing was to get a REPL running prior to trying to eval in it.

Hope this helps.
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