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Change Indentation Rules

Change Indentation Rules

Postby Prash3r on Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:21 pm

Hi together,
im new to ST3, and love the concept. Playing around with packages and didnt found anything that is able to get the indentation of Latex sections right.

thats the closest someone out there has come https://gist.github.com/albertxing/5298255/

after including as im told its indenting the \end{document} when i reindent, which is something i really dont want
(1.)i tried to workaround with latexindent.plx, but that disabled "undo"(cmd+z) because of external changes; no solution)
2.)Do i need to disable autindent or smartindent or are these the things i want to have (so what settings ONLY look into my indentation Rules file[syntax specific if possible])?
3.)can i include a regex to reset my indentation level to 0 or to any other explicit level (like section->0 subsection -> 1 subsubsection->2 ...)
4.)Do i need to change the uuid or remove any cached files after editing it, because changing or removing important parts of it wont change anything.

just some tips would be great, i would appriciate a better workaround, too.
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