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ST2/ST3 - String Utilities (useful string functions)

Re: ST2/ST3 - String Utilities (useful string functions)

Postby LONGMAN on Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:44 am

Kcko wrote:Excelent plugin. But i have one maybe basic question.

For example:
I have some symbol "☻" -> unicode value is -> \263B and \u263B (its important for css and js coding) and html entity is &#9787
with this plugin I was able to convert to unicode but not to the HTML entity, is it possible?

Wanted methods
1) ☻ -> ☻ (symbol to entity)
2) \263B -> ☻ (unicode hex value to entity )

Both solutions bidirectionally of course :)

Btw. its best plugin for for string operation what i found, but this triffle is missing (maybe i dont know how to do it in plugin ...)

I will add this feature
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