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Improvement suggestions after test

Improvement suggestions after test

Postby spl1nes on Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:26 am

Hey, I've now worked for 2-3 days with this editor to get a feeling for it. I think it's quite good so please don't be disappointed when I only mention things that should get improved.

I've mainly used it for PHP, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS hence my tendencies:

  • If you embed PHP code inside a HTML comment syntax highlighting doesn't work. (e.g. <!-- <?php $i = 0; echo $i; ?> -->)
  • I would appreciate more syntax highlighting for SQL strings in PHP, so far only SELECT and INSERT INTO seem to get highlighted (e.g. $con->prepare('SELECT * FROM `test` WHERE `id` = 1');)
  • Syntax inconsistency in PHP when you use namespaces (e.g. <?php $date = new DateTime("NOW"); ?> vs <?php $date = new \DateTime("NOW"); ?>)
  • No *.scss highlighting. You could at least implement the same highlighting as CSS for SCSS

I got way more things I could mention that would be nice to have for a PHP/Web application editor but since this editor is more an all rounder (at least to my understanding) I'll not mention them. These points I mentioned shouldn't be too unreasonable.
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