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problem with spellchecking

problem with spellchecking

Postby rikal on Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:25 pm

Hi. I have installed several Myspell dictionaries (Catalan, Spanish and French), and it seems there is a bug with spellchecking: when the last character in a word is non-ASCII (typically, an accented character), the word is marked as incorrect (e.g., "salió"). If you try to add it to the dictionary, the program thinks there are two words (one being all the characters but the last non-ASCII one, and the other being the non-ASCII character); e.g., it adds "sali" to the dictionary. It only happens when the non-ASCII char is at the end; if it is in the middle (e.g., "rábano"), all works well and the word is not highlighted. I have tested this with all three dictionaries, and the behaviour is the same.

Thanks a lot for your help
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