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Automatic Indentation with Ruby?

Re: Automatic Indentation with Ruby?

Postby dogmeat on Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:13 pm

jps wrote:Perhaps you have a key binding that's taking effect on enter, and thus overriding the auto indent.

To reset to a vanilla installation, close Sublime Text and delete the %APPDATA%/Sublime Text directory, all settings and customizations are stored within there - a reinstall alone won't reset them.

Actually, I may have overridden a key binding, but I noticed that when I type 'end' it doesn't automatically dedent it. Anyway, when I deleted the %APPDATA% folder everything seems to work fine. I noticed re-install doesn't work, because it loaded all the previously open files :)

Anyhow, thank for the help! It's working perfectly now.
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