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Option to hot_exit only for project windows.

Option to hot_exit only for project windows.

Postby trusktr on Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:56 pm

I'd like this:

When starting sublime, start with no tabs open. This can be done by setting both hot_exit and remember_open_files to false.

However, if both are false, and the window is a project window, then there's a problem. If I exit, then start sublime again, there are no files/tabs open (good). But, if I press ctrl+alt+p to switch to the last project I had open, then the window will turn into a project window, but the files I had open will be gone (bad).

So, basically, I'd like for switching to a project to remember the files/tabs that were open, but I'd like for sublime to always start with no files/tabs open. After starting with no files/tabs open, then I could hit ctrl+alt+p to switch to a project, and those files/tabs would be open.

EDIT: Is this what the OSX-only option create_window_at_startup is for? (I'm in Linux)
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Re: Option to hot_exit only for project windows.

Postby puccet on Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:02 pm

I totally agree with you, honestly i don't understand why if i close the application while working on a existing project (not the default nameless one) it wipe all open files and unsaved change, this doesn't make any sense, sound much more like a bug that a feature.
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