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Postby westy on Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:34 am


Really glad that Sublime was recommended to me by a friend. Whilst the license seems pricey, especially for only 1 year upgrades rather than a lifetime type thing, I imagine I'll be buying a license when version 2 ships.
Hoping for a launch discount event :)

Anyway, have some ideas wrt projects, since these are quite a key feature for me.

Could do with a way of managing them better I think.
Maybe an editor dialog of some description, or perhaps just the ability to open the project file for editing from the project menu.
The type of sublime-project should be automatically set to JSON whilst at it, although this is simple to set by hand obviously...

I like the fact version 2 has the added sidebar option, although I now realise that it's not _that_ important given the superb CTRL-P thing. It is still useful though I think.
Given that I think it could use the option for aliasing a root directory you have included.
My projects generally branch several mercurial repos, with all having a similar structure folder structure, and also tend to include the source directory for Ext JS.
Would be nice to be able to alias the root "web" directories, and root "src" directories to, say, "Common web", "Product 1 web", "Ext JS src", etc.

Apologies if can already do this using the mount_points section, but it looks like an array rather than a json object, so doesn't look like it'd be settable.



Edit: Oh, and could/should also use the aliasing on the Goto Anything dialog, so can tell which folder the files reside in better.
e.g. If I have a file called app.js in /Common/web/js and in /Product1/web/js (with both roots at the 'web' level included in my project), then aliasing 'web' would make it clearer.
Edit2: How about being able to create files from a context menu in the sidebar too?
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Re: Projects

Postby westy on Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:28 am

Another thought occurs, how about splitting what's in a project from the state of files opened within it?

It plays havoc if you want to put the project under source control.
Ideally a project file should be static, with a user state file changing (which would not be under source control).

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