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Goto Anything dialog too narrow!

Goto Anything dialog too narrow!

Postby yansern on Sat May 07, 2011 6:08 am

I use CTRL+P most of the time in SublimeText v1 and I find it extremely hard to get used to v2's Goto Anything that I've decided to switch back to v1.

1. The Goto Anything dialog is too narrow to see the entire path, it collapses the rest of the letters leaving only the first letter, this is not helpful in projects where there folders start with the same prefix, eg. a list of folders starting with com_ / mod_ etc. I could barely see anything informative to me.

2. In v1 if you don't enter any keyword, it will display all the files in the project. I would like this feature in v2's Goto Anything, because sometimes I do not know what I'm looking for, I need to look through the list of files to give me an idea what file in which folder I am looking for. (Please don't suggest the Side Bar as a replacement because its takes a lot more mouse clicks to expand & collapse folders, might as well leave that job to Windows Explorer or Finder.)

Do you think Goto Anything is too narrow?
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