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V2 - Rollback shift + tab to unindent?

Re: V2 - Rollback shift + tab to unindent?

Postby bizoo on Thu May 12, 2011 1:16 pm

oats wrote:What ST1 did is irrelevant.

Yes it is... as a former ST1 user I expect that the behavior of ST2 don't change when there's no need to change it.
But actually your right, shift+tab was not used in ST1...

oats wrote:The best default behavior for Shift-tab is unindent.

Your mind, don't speak for everybody please.

oats wrote:Key bindings are always available for those who want something different.

Your right here !!!
Add this line to your user key binding file and enjoy:
Code: Select all
{ "keys": ["shift+tab"], "command": "unindent" }

What I need at the end of the day is a way to always insert a tab when tab key is used for something else (eg: snippets).
Shift+tab look like a good choice for this so why change it ?

And finally a question:
Tab don't indent line when the line is not selected, it only insert a tab char at the cursor position.
So why shift+tab must unindent the line in the same context ?
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