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User Customization Should Take Precedence

User Customization Should Take Precedence

Postby atomi on Thu May 12, 2011 7:47 pm

I think it's important that user customized sublime-completions and snippets take precedence over the defaults set in language packages.

For example if I have a HTML.sublime-completions with an entry for "label"
{ "trigger": "label", "contents": "<label for="$1">$0</label>" },

This should replace the one set in HTML.sublime-completions in the HTML language package.
The same should be expected for snippets. This way merging language files becomes unnecessary.

That's it.

Edit BUG: Just to add, when the same trigger that exists in a language package is added to a user created sublime-completions file, the whole user created sublime-completions file is not loaded.
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