Sublime Text 2 Dev Builds

No new dev builds will be created for Sublime Text 2. Use Sublime Text 3 Dev Builds instead.

These are the in-progress versions of Sublime Text 2, and they are updated more frequently. Feel free to use them, but keep in mind you will be running less tested code, and you'll be seeing many more update notification prompts. Each release will normally have a topic in the forum.

Version: Build 2220


Each build of Sublime Text belongs to one of the below three channels. If you install a dev or nightly build, you'll only get update notifications for new builds from the same channel.

  • Stable
  • Dev - Semi-frequently updated, available to anyone.
  • Nightly - Mostly frequently updated, available for registered users only.


Build 2220

20 September 2012
  • OSX: Significantly improved performance on Retina displays
  • Improved minimap click behavior. The old behavior is available via the minimap_scroll_to_clicked_text setting
  • Added copy_with_empty_selection setting, to control the behavior of the copy and cut commands when no text is selected
  • Vintage: Improved "'" command (thanks rctay)
  • Vintage: Added support for the null register, _ (thanks guillermooo)

Build 2216

9 July 2012
  • Fixed a regression in 2214 where pressing a modifier key while dragging would cancel the drag
  • Improved shift+drag behavior
  • Fixed a Goto Anything issue where pressing backspace could scroll the overlay incorrectly
  • Fixed a crash triggered by double clicking in the Goto Anything overlay
  • Linux: Fixed an occasional graphical glitch when running under Unity

Build 2214

8 July 2012
  • Keyboard input while dragging a selection will cancel the drag
  • Improved backspace behavior when use_tab_stops and translate_tabs_to_spaces are true
  • Improved double click drag select behavior

Build 2212

4 July 2012
  • Fixed incorrect window position when dragging a tab in some scenarios
  • OSX: Fixed System Preferences menu not working
  • Added missing toggle_preserve_case command
  • About Window shows the license key details
  • word_wrap setting accepts "true" and "false" as synonyms to true and false
  • Linux: Added support for mice with more than 5 buttons

Build 2207

25 June 2012
  • Added Open in Browser context menu for HTML files
  • Improved CSS completions
  • Auto complete and tool tips say within the screen boundaries
  • Extended behavior of home and end keys on word wrapped lines
  • Linux: Sub-folders within the syntax menu on the status bar work as expected
  • tab_size is no longer limited to a maximum of 32
  • Changes in file name case are detected
  • OSX: Added create_window_at_startup setting
  • Fixed incorrect fold button placement in some scenarios
  • Tweaked Python initialization

Build 2203

19 June 2012
  • OSX: Added Retina display support
  • Added "Quick Skip Next", on Command+K,Command+D / Ctrl+K,Ctrl+D
  • Build Systems: Canceling a build will terminate rather than kill the process
  • Improved output panel height serialization
  • Fixed rendering of active indent guides

Build 2200

11 June 2012
  • Reloading a file maintains the selection
  • Reworked CSS completions
  • Improved Toggle Comment for HTML and CSS
  • Improved Indentation Detection
  • Double clicking on whitespace will select only whitespace
  • Disabling find result highlighting will also disable find-as-you-type in the Find panel
  • Improved debug output of the exec command when the target isn't found
  • Added preview_on_click setting
  • Build Systems: Added variants
  • Build Systems: Added show_panel_on_build setting
  • Build Systems: Build times are reported
  • Build Systems: Exit code is reported, if it's non-zero
  • Build Systems: Fixed incorrect Build System menu in some circumstances
  • Linux: Restored CUA key bindings for shift+insert, shift+delete and ctrl+insert
  • Linux: Fixed occasional jittering with the auto complete window
  • Linux: Fixed a directory watching issue
  • Vintage: Added backspace motion (thanks mrannanj)
  • Vintage: Improved quote text object (thanks Guillermo)

Build 2195

16 April 2012
  • Added support for file_include_patterns and folder_include_patterns in projects
  • Find in Files can exclude directories using "-some_path/" syntax
  • Added show_full_path setting, to control if the full path is shown in the window title
  • Added setting bold_folder_labels
  • ASCII control codes are rendered in a different style
  • Windows: Installer is signed
  • Windows: Directory scanning makes use of inodes where available
  • Windows: Files are opened with FILE_SHARE_DELETE share mode
  • OSX: Folders accessed via symlinks are monitored for changes
  • Linux: Restored CUA key bindings for shift+insert, shift+delete and ctrl+insert
  • OSX: Added scroll bar support for the "Jump to the spot that's clicked" system preference
  • Vintage: Added Ctrl+U and Ctrl+D (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: 'vintage_use_clipboard' forces pasting from system clipboard too (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Fixed motions with "0" in them for actions (thanks bengolds)
  • Vintage: Visual mode I and A (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added vintage_use_clipboard setting to yank to the system clipboard (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Tweaked behavior of cw and cW when the caret is in whitespace (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added bindings for moving the group focus up, down, left, right (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Paste accepts a repeat count (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added bindings for u and U in visual mode, to change the case of the selection and exit visual mode (thanks quarnster)
  • Vintage: Macro replay accepts a repeat count (thanks zbuc)
  • Vintage: r<char> processes lines individually (thanks Guillermo)
  • Theme: Added 'expandable' attribute to tree_rows, enabling folders to be styled differently
  • API: Added 'control' context for key bindings
  • API: Added sublime.log_result_regex()

Build 2190

21 March 2012
  • Theme: Added support for the highlight_modified_tabs setting
  • Theme: Tweaked quick panel to better indicate the selected item
  • Double clicking in the tab header area will create a new tab
  • Delete Folder will prompt before moving the folder to the trash
  • Saving a file now calls fsync to ensure the data is written to disk
  • Added BOM variants to the Save with Encoding menu
  • Build Systems defined in the project will take precedence over .sublime-build files if they both trigger on the same selector
  • Pressing escape in the incremental find panel will set the selection to the search start point
  • OSX: Added support for the ODB Editor Suite
  • OSX: Fixed Lion press-and-hold inserting two characters
  • Linux: Tweaked handling of the Primary selection
  • Linux: Shift+Insert will paste from the Primary selection
  • Fixed save_on_focus_lost causing Goto Anything to not show if the current file has unsaved changes
  • Fixed folders not being added to the recent folders list
  • Fixed pasting file:line expressions into the Goto Anything panel
  • Vintage: Tweaked % behavior (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Fix bug that caused deletes to erroneously left_delete (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Fix EOF behavior with linewise changes (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Ignoring a and i when in visual mode (thanks Guillermo)
  • API: Added Command.is_checked to support checkbox menu items
  • API: Added sublime.message_dialog
  • API: Added sublime.ok_cancel_dialog

Build 2183

6 March 2012
  • Linux: Show Completions has changed from ctrl+space to alt+/, to not interfere with IMEs
  • Fixed triple click regression in 2182
  • Linux: Fixed compatibility regression with older versions of GTK in 2182
  • Vintage: cc and S take counts (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Correctly shrink selections when reversed (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added vap (thanks behrends)

Build 2182

5 March 2012
  • OSX and Windows: Added text drag and drop
  • OSX: Find uses the system find pasteboard
  • Linux: GTK is loaded at runtime, removing any dependency on specific libpng versions
  • Windows and Linux: Tweaked command line handling when Sublime Text isn't already running
  • Windows: Fixed a regression in command line handling with network paths
  • Invalid key names in keymap files will are logged to the console
  • Fixed key bindings being triggerable while dragging

Build 2180

19 February 2012
  • Auto Indent: Square brackets won't cause indentation in most languages by default
  • Auto Indent: Tweaked indentation handling in comments
  • Auto Indent: close_tag command updates indentation
  • Windows: Added support for --wait
  • Windows: Added support for drive letter relative paths passed on the command line
  • Fixed an auto complete display issue
  • Vintage: Pasting over visual mode selections works as expected (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Linewise changes set indentation (thanks misfo)

Build 2178

15 February 2012
  • New Icon, by The Iconfactory
  • Renaming a file via the side bar will rename any open files
  • Fixed find_under_expand not setting whole_word correctly
  • Vintage: Linewise motions work as expected (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: c, C, s and S update registers (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Tweaks to G and gg (thanks guillermooo)
  • Vintage: Added zt and zb (thanks djjcast)
  • Vintage: Added gq (thanks orutherfurd)
  • Vintage: Escape cancels current input (thanks fjl)
  • API: Added window.find_open_file(file_name)

Build 2177

10 February 2012
  • More Auto Indent changes
  • Fixed set_unsaved_view_name being too eager
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of the background in some color schemes

Build 2176

9 February 2012
  • Auto Complete is less intrusive
  • Auto Indent uses bracket matching to better determine indentation
  • Auto Indent: Added indent_to_bracket setting
  • Untitled files have their name set automatically from the first line of the file
  • "Open all with current extension as" handles filenames without extensions
  • OSX: Open File and Open Folder have been combined into a single Open menu item
  • Linux: Added a workaround for a glibc bug when MALLOC_CHECK_ is defined
  • Plugin initialization time is reported in the console at startup

Build 2175

3 February 2012
  • Fixed a word_wrap toggling regression in 2174
  • Fixed an auto indent issue when trim_automatic_white_space is set to false
  • Packages defining new settings in old style Base File.sublime-settings files will have them picked up again

Build 2174

2 February 2012
  • File and Global settings have been combined into a single settings file
  • Windows: Default font is now Consolas
  • Windows: Improved text rendering quality when using Direct Write
  • Tweaks to automatic indenting
  • Folders in projects are stored with relative paths
  • Spelling errors are indicated with an underline only, the foreground color of the text is no longer changed

Build 2173

31 January 2012
  • Further tweaks to automatic indenting

Build 2172

30 January 2012
  • Improved automatic indentation
  • Ruby: #{} is expanded when # is entered in a string
  • Fixed a minor compatibility issue with .tmLanguage files
  • Fixed a line highlighting regression with horizontal scrolling in 2170
  • Selection matching will trigger only when a single word is selected
  • Folder names are shown in the window title if no project is open
  • Windows and Linux: Added key bindings for ctrl+shift+backspace/delete

Build 2171

28 January 2012
  • Fixed a Vintage mode input regression in 2170
  • Linux: Fixed rendering of newline characters in 2170

Build 2170

27 January 2012
  • Other occurrences of the selected text is now highlighting. This can be controlled with the match_selection setting
  • Key bindings for Goto Anything, Save, etc will work if a panel has input focus
  • Added Save with Encoding
  • Rulers are drawn in front of any text background highlights
  • Line highlights are drawn in front of text background highlights, and alpha channels are supported
  • Linux: Pango is used for font rendering, improving support for CJK text
  • Tweaked rules for applying bold and italic font styles
  • API: Added view.unfold([regions])

Build 2169

23 January 2012
  • Fixed incorrect drawing of text with multiple selections in 2166
  • Fixed a recent snippet regression with punctuation triggered snippets
  • Fixed Paste and Indent adding unwanted whitespace when pasting within a line
  • OS X: Tweaked sub-pixel positioning to match TextEdit and Terminal. The previous behavior is available via the no_round font option.
  • OS X: Control+Option+Left/Right will move by sub words, in the same manner as Control+Left/Right
  • API: Added sublime.run_command()
  • API: Tweaked module importing

Build 2167

18 January 2012
  • Reworked text rendering for improved quality
  • Improved folder scanning performance on huge directory trees
  • Improved redraw performance
  • Added no_bold and no_italic font options
  • Added file setting margin
  • Fixed a tab dragging issue on OS X and Windows
  • API: Added view.folded_regions()

Build 2164

11 January 2012
  • Fixed a completion regression with Zen Coding in 2163
  • Windows: Semi transparent text shadows are no longer drawn, as GDI is unable to handle them correctly

Build 2163

11 January 2012
  • Auto complete: Enter is again the default key binding to commit the completion. The auto_complete_commit_on_tab setting can be used to configure this.
  • Auto complete is more discerning about filtering out matches
  • Theme: Increased contrast between selected and unselected tabs for medium-dark color schemes
  • Theme: Fixed rendering of unselected tabs for color schemes with a pure white background
  • Changed how the toggle argument to show_panel is handled
  • OSX: Changed replace_next key binding to not interfere with full_screen

Build 2162

9 January 2012
  • Auto Complete: Tab is now used to accept the current completion, rather than enter
  • Tab Completion: Shift+Tab will now always insert a tab, rather than cycling backwards through the completions
  • Rearranged the menu, so important features are easier to locate
  • Snippets menu has been replaced by a shortcut to the Command Palette, showing only the relevant ones
  • Paste and Indent will now do the right thing in more circumstances
  • Added key binding for replace_next
  • slurp_find_string will set the whole_word flag based on if the selection is empty
  • Fixed handling of selectors with extraneous '.' characters
  • Fixed an issue with minimap dragging when the file exactly fits into its viewport
  • API: Added window.get_view_index() and window.set_view_index()

Build 2161

7 January 2012
  • Auto complete: Popup can now be dismissed with the arrow keys
  • Linux: Fixed an incompatibility with glibc 2.15, as used by Arch Linux
  • Improved behavior when hot_exit and remember_open_files are false
  • Added file setting move_to_limit_on_up_down

Build 2160

7 January 2012
  • Fixed an issue in 2159 where Vintage mode was enabled by default

Build 2159

6 January 2012
  • Fixed snippet regression in 2158
  • Vintage: Fixed a regression in 2158
  • Vintage: Added ZZ (thanks Guillermooo)
  • Vintage: Ctrl+C is available by default only on OS X

Build 2158

5 January 2012
  • Improved startup time
  • Optimized memory usage
  • Auto complete: AC won't insert poor matches when pressing enter
  • Auto complete: AC won't trigger if there are word characters to the right of the caret
  • Auto complete: Improved auto complete memory logic
  • default_encoding will be used when saving existing files, if they were opened with an undefined encoding
  • Linux: Fixed an issue with tab dragging
  • Vintage: column is maintained when moving between lines
  • Vintage: r,enter is supported (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: == reindents current line (thanks Gordin)
  • Vintage: Added various Ctrl+W,<x> bindings for layout control (thanks Gordin)
  • Vintage: Added various z,<x> bindings for folding (thanks Gordin)
  • Vintage: Ctrl+C is a synonym for escape (thanks sugarcoded)

Build 2157

2 January 2012
  • Deleting files via the side bar will send them to the trash, rather than deleting them outright
  • Auto complete: Tweaked popup hiding rules
  • API: on_query_completions() is no longer timed
  • API: Added window.active_view_in_group(group)
  • API: Added window.views_in_group(group)

Build 2156

30 December 2011
  • New UI theme
  • Word wrap is enabled in the console
  • Active indent guide drawing is disabled by default
  • Fixed a regression in the repeat command
  • Auto complete: Fixed a regression with snippet tab triggers starting with hyphens
  • Vintage: Added ~ (thanks misfo)
  • API: Added sublime.log_input()
  • API: Plugins have a finite time to respond to events before users will be issued a warning indicating the slow plugin

Build 2155

27 December 2011
  • Auto complete: Fixed a regression
  • Auto complete: HTML completions will trigger when a < is entered
  • Auto complete: Added HTML5 tags

Build 2154

26 December 2011
  • Auto complete: Tweaked suggestion logic
  • Auto complete: Disabled smooth scroll
  • Auto complete: Various other tweaks
  • API: settings.has() now works as expected

Build 2152

22 December 2011
  • Auto complete: Words of 3 or less characters won't be listed in the suggestions
  • Auto complete: Suggestions aren't triggered when entering numbers
  • Auto complete: Popup will be hidden if the word is deleted
  • Auto complete: Popup now uses the same font and size as the underlying file
  • PHP: Tweaked snippets to play better with the new auto complete system
  • Ruby: Tweaked snippets to play better with the new auto complete system
  • API: on_query_completions results may have a tab embedded in their descriptions, to delimit help text
  • API: viewport_extents and layout_extents renamed to viewport_extent and layout_extent

Build 2151

21 December 2011
  • Experimental: Auto complete now triggers automatically. This is configurable via new file settings.
  • Theme: Exposed class grid_layout_control
  • increase_font_size command will allow sizes up to 128pt
  • API: Added view.viewport_position() and view.set_viewport_position()
  • API: Added view.viewport_extents() and view.layout_extents()
  • API: Added view.text_to_layout() and view.layout_to_text()
  • API: Added view.line_height() and view.em_width()

Build 2150

20 December 2011
  • Color schemes and syntax definitions are reloaded on the fly
  • Simplified indent guide settings
  • Tweaked calculation of displayed key bindings for menu items
  • Fixed line number drawing regression in 2148
  • Added global setting enable_hexadecimal_encoding
  • OSX: Elevated permissions will only be requested on files with a different owner to the current user
  • OSX: Increased default font size
  • API: Added window.get_layout() and window.set_layout()

Build 2148

18 December 2011
  • Completion: Pressing tab multiple times will cycle through the available completions
  • Added reopen_last_file command, bound to Command+Shift+T / Ctrl+Shift+T by default
  • Tweaked rendering of italic fonts
  • Completion: Hyphens are considered a word character for completion purposes
  • Completion: Popup window is wider
  • Completion: Tweaked disable_auto_insert behavior
  • Completion: Added arguments api_completions_only and next_completion_if_showing (for use by SublimeCodeIntel and similar)

Build 2147

15 December 2011
  • Improved font glyph rasterisation speed
  • OSX: Prompting for elevated privileges when saving protected files
  • Windows: Tweaked rendering of bold and italic fonts
  • Tweaked minimap dragging
  • Experimental: Added Hexadecimal encoding, for basic editing of binary files
  • Vintage: _ accepts a count (thanks guillermooo)
  • Vintage: Fixed a dw edge case (thanks netpro2k)

Build 2146

14 December 2011
  • Added support for bold and italic font styles in .tmTheme files
  • Improved minimap dragging
  • Added default_encoding setting
  • save_on_focus_lost won't save if the underlying file has been deleted

Build 2145

13 December 2011
  • Projects: Folders may be given a name attribute, to change how they're displayed
  • Projects: Exclude patterns may include paths, for example: file_exclude_patterns: ["tmp/*.cc"]
  • Vintage: dw works as expected at EOL
  • Vintage: Added X command (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added _ command (thanks redjohn)
  • Vintage: n>> works as expected (thanks redjohn)

Build 2144

25 November 2011
  • Theme: Tweaked indication of dirty files
  • .sublime-project files passed on the command line will be opened as projects, without --project being required
  • OSX: Double clicking on a .sublime-project file in Finder will open it in Sublime Text
  • OSX: Control clicking on a tab will show the context menu
  • Files with colons in their names may be opened from the command line
  • Projects: Fixed folder_exclude_patterns not being serialized correctly in project files
  • Vintage: Fixed an issue with the zz key binding (thanks Bradley Priest)
  • API: Added view.encoding() and view.set_encoding()
  • API: Added view.line_endings() and view.set_line_endings()

Build 2143

12 November 2011
  • Projects: Folder paths with trailing slashes are supported
  • Shift+Drag will set the active end of the selection as expected
  • Clicking on a tab will always give the relevant sheet input focus
  • Fixed a startup regression for new installs in 2141
  • OSX: Fixed an issue that opened additional empty windows when using the command line helper

Build 2141

10 November 2011
  • Improved cold startup time
  • Theme: Tab labels will draw over arbitrary backgrounds

Build 2138

1 November 2011
  • Tweaked fold button hover logic to reduce flicker
  • Fixed a regression where side bar items weren't draggable

Build 2137

1 November 2011
  • Folders are again expanded and collapsed with a single click
  • Find in Files: Fixed Where field behavior
  • Vintage: Added gf (by guillermo)
  • Vintage: Added z. and z,enter (by guillermo)
  • Vintage: Added zz (by johnfn)
  • Vintage: Added "{" and "}" motions (by johnfn)

Build 2136

30 October 2011
  • Ctrl+0 will give the side bar input focus
  • Tweaked folding rules with respect to inconsistent indentation, such as in the Find Results
  • Open Files and Open Folders may be added separately to the Find in Files panel
  • Added file setting fade_fold_buttons, enabling the fold buttons to always be shown
  • Fixed the side bar menu missing some entries when the Open Files section was hidden
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to drag a closed panel
  • OSX: Improved open file behavior when no windows are currently open

Build 2135

27 October 2011
  • Added Replace in Files functionality to the Find in Files panel
  • Added global setting tree_animation_enabled to control animation when expanding or collapsing folders
  • Fixed a regression in 2134 that triggered a crash when clicking on a result in Goto Anything
  • Find in Files panel will accept UNC paths on Windows

Build 2134

23 October 2011
  • Added keyboard navigation to the side bar
  • Find in Files panel now has a single "Where" field, combining the previous "In Files" and "In Location" fields.
  • Tweaked fold button visibility logic
  • Ctrl+F will select the find pattern when the find panel is already open
  • Fixed a regression in Add Line Before in 2133
  • Linux: Fold buttons no longer flash when a context menu is shown
  • OSX: Fixed regression in 2133 that could insert a character when returning from MissionControls

Build 2133

18 October 2011
  • The reindent command can be used to reformat selected lines, via the Edit/Line/Reindent menu item
  • Gutter fold buttons hide when the mouse isn't nearby
  • Vintage: Added '=' action to reindent
  • Vintage: 'o' in visual mode will reverse the selection direction (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Added support for the "'" key to go to bookmarks (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Escape will exit visual line mode, instead of changing to visual mode

Build 2132

14 October 2011
  • Added fold buttons to the gutter. They can be turned off with the fold_buttons file setting.
  • Windows and Linux: Ctrl+Scroll Wheel will change the font size
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur after moving a file between windows
  • Fixed a scrolling regression in the console introduced in 2128
  • API: hide_auto_complete is safe to call from on_modified

Build 2131

6 October 2011
  • Added side bar expand / collapse animations
  • The show_panel command now accepts a toggle parameter, which is false by default. The previous behavior was to always toggle
  • OSX: Fixed a crash triggered by the menu flashing
  • Fixed a tab layout regression in 2128
  • Vintage: Fixed a regression with escape in 2121, causing it not to exit from visual mode

Build 2128

5 October 2011
  • Improved startup time in some scenarios
  • OSX: Tweaked menu flashing
  • Vintage: Fixed a regression with escape in 2121, causing it not to exit from visual mode
  • API: window.run_command() will run text commands, dispatching them via input focus

Build 2127

30 September 2011
  • Alt clicking on a folder will expand it and all its children
  • OSX: Menu items flash when triggered with a key binding
  • OSX: Command+Right Delete will delete to EOL
  • OSX: Tweaked click-through behavior
  • OSX: Fixed opening an already open file from Finder with open_files_in_new_window enabled creating a new window
  • Pressing escape while dragging a scroll bar will cancel the scroll
  • Fixed a Ctrl+D/Super+D regression, where wrapping at EOF wasn't handled correctly
  • Fixed a Find in Files regression where unsaved files couldn't be opened from the Find Results buffer

Build 2125

28 September 2011
  • Fixed an issue with side bar context menu handling on OS X and Linux

Build 2124

27 September 2011
  • Fixed a side bar context menu regression in 2122
  • Fixed a scenario with multiple panes and transient files that could result in an incorrect window title
  • Switch Project in Window will prompt to save files if the current window doesn't have a workspace file

Build 2122

26 September 2011
  • Fixed a Find in Files setting regression in 2118
  • Fixed an interaction between side bar auto hiding and distraction free mode
  • Fixed a rendering glitch triggered by a combination of line padding, line highlighting and word wrap

Build 2121

24 September 2011
  • hot_exit will detect files changed while the application isn't running
  • Added global setting highlight_modified_tabs to highlight tabs with unsaved changes
  • Fixed an issue in 2120 that could cause the side bar to not show when it should
  • Fixed a find setting serialization regression in 2118
  • Fixed a scenario where code folding wouldn't fold the last character in the file
  • Theme: Tabs with modified files now have a "dirty" attributes that can be used in selectors

Build 2120

22 September 2011
  • Hot Exit is now the default, and configurable via the hot_exit global setting
  • Open files are now hidden by default on the side bar, although this will only be seen on new installs
  • The side bar will auto hide if open files aren't shown, and there are no open folders
  • Goto Anything now displays files in most recently used order, and shows files by default
  • The current file will be highlighted in both the Open Files and Open Folders sections, if present
  • The find highlight outline color now has a better default, and is configurable via the highlight key in the tmTheme file
  • Folders added to the side bar will be expanded by default
  • OSX: Ctrl+Delete will delete by sub words
  • Linux: Ctrl+Q is bound to quit
  • Fixed a 2119 regression in the fold command
  • Fixed fold markers incorrectly showing up on the minimap
  • Fixed column selection flickering when dragging upwards
  • Vintage: Ctrl+F and Ctrl+B are gated on the vintage_ctrl_keys setting
  • Vintage: 1G and G are distinguished
  • Vintage: Arrow keys, page up/down and home/end act as motions

Build 2119

21 September 2011
  • Sidebar headings are no longer indented
  • Added commands fold_all, unfold_all and fold_by_level: Key bindings are listed in the Edit/Code Folding menu on Windows and OS X.
  • Ctrl+Tab will only cycle between files in the current group
  • Fixed a layout resizing regression in 2118
  • Fixed 2118 regression in the find panel option toggle commands
  • Vintage: All Ctrl key bindings are now enabled only if the vintage_ctrl_keys setting is true, which is the default for OS X, but not Windows and Linux.
  • Vintage: Ctrl+[ is now an alias for escape (if vintage_ctrl_keys is enabled)
  • Vintage: Ctrl+R is now only triggered if vintage_ctrl_keys is enabled
  • Vintage: Added Ctrl+E and Ctrl+Y, to scroll up/down by lines, if vintage_ctrl_keys is enabled.
  • Theme: Added key indent_top_level for the sidebar_tree class

Build 2118

20 September 2011
  • Clicking on a folder in the side bar will expand or collapse it, rather than selecting it
  • Tag highlights are now drawn with a stippled line by default
  • Ctrl+F3 (Option+Command+G on OS X) will search by whole words if the selection is empty
  • Ctrl+D (Command+D on OS X) will search by whole words if the selection is initially empty
  • Find All no longer disables the "In selection" flag
  • Find Preview will not be shown if finding for "." in regex mode
  • Panels will always be shown, even if there is limited space in the window
  • File names in workspaces are stored with relative paths
  • Vintage: Find no longer selects the found text

Build 2117

13 September 2011
  • Fixed a regression in 2114 that could lock the editor up under some circumstances in HTML files
  • Fixed a regression in 2114 that caused close_tag to not work as expected in some circumstances

Build 2116

12 September 2011
  • Find in Files results have syntax highlighting applied
  • Highlighting of neighboring brackets is disabled by default
  • OSX: Changed key bindings for fold/unfold
  • OSX: Clicking on a background window will bring it to the front only, and not change the selection
  • OSX: Sequential key bindings are displayed in the menu

Build 2115

9 September 2011
  • Fixed a regression in 2114 that disabled syntax highlighting in selections
  • Added Expand Selection to Indentation (Command+Shift+J on OS X, and Ctrl+Shift+J on Windows and Linux)
  • Fold command is now bound to Command+Shift+[ on OS X, and Ctrl+Shift+[ on Windows and Linux
  • Unfold command is bound to Command+Shift+] on OS X, and Ctrl+Shift+] on Windows and Linux
  • Fold command will fold to the current indentation block if no text is selected

Build 2114

8 September 2011
  • Improved word wrapping of source code: extra indentation is now added on wrapped lines
  • Matching tags are highlighted
  • Tweaked bracket match highlighting
  • Expand Selection to Tag will handle unclosed tags
  • Indent guides: solid lines and stippled lines are now drawn at the same location
  • Fixed a gutter icon regression
  • Vintage: I will insert at the first non-whitespace character on the line (thanks Trent)
  • Vintage: Fixed regression where e on an empty file would cause an infinite loop

Build 2113

6 September 2011
  • Added initial support for Code Folding - still a WIP
  • OSX: Added workaround for Core Text crashing on invalid unicode code points
  • OSX: Killing the subl process while waiting for files to be closed no longer causes problems for the application
  • OSX: Fixed dictionary lookups being offset
  • API: Added view.fold() and view.unfold()

Build 2112

3 September 2011
  • Disabled side bar animation on expand/collapse
  • Improved Goto Anything ranking accuracy on repetitive file paths
  • Improved undo grouping logic, so the amount of typing undone is more predictable
  • Find Next Using Selection unsets the reverse flag
  • Find in Files accepts relative paths
  • Fixed project specific settings persisting when the project is closed
  • Fixed solid indent guides not rendering crisply with sub-pixel glyph positioning
  • Fixed indent guide rendering and word wrapping in conjunction with Perl syntax highlighting
  • Widgets no longer display indent guides
  • Fixed rot13 tripping up on non-ascii characters
  • Vintage: Added ga (thanks Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Improved H, L and M motions (thanks Guillermo)

Build 2110

31 August 2011
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with replace in selection
  • Tweaked indent guide rendering at EOF
  • API: API functions better handle null windows

Build 2109

30 August 2011
  • Further tweaks to indent guide rendering
  • Expanded the available options in the indent_guide_options setting
  • Added global setting close_windows_when_empty, to close windows as soon as the last file is closed
  • Vintage: Added b and B text objects as aliases for ( and {

Build 2108

29 August 2011
  • Changed active indent guide rendering
  • Fixed an issue that could result in an incorrect scroll range when scroll_past_end is enabled
  • Fixed incorrect tab positions in some circumstances
  • Windows: Fixed delay when opening multiple files from Explorer

Build 2107

28 August 2011
  • Fixed 2106 crash when changing layouts with open files hidden on the side bar
  • Fixed 2106 crash when drawing indent guides on long lines
  • Resolved a syntax highlighting issue in contentName handling
  • Updated C syntax highlighting
  • Updated Bash highlighting
  • Fixed an issue with line number rendering on long, word wrapped lines

Build 2106

26 August 2011
  • Updated indent guide rendering
  • Added the ability to hide the open files section on the side bar, via the View/Side Bar menu
  • Tweaked Delete Word
  • Tweaked behavior of up/down with non-empty selections
  • Build is now bound to Ctrl+B Windows and Linux (Command+B on OS X, as it was previously). F7 is also bound to build on all platforms.
  • Toggle Side Bar is now bound to Command+K, Command+B on OS X, and Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B on Windows and Linux

Build 2105

25 August 2011
  • Highlighting active indent guides. This can be disabled with the highlight_active_indent_guide setting
  • Fixed Save Project As being inaccessible (2104 regression)
  • Fixed projects not converting correctly (2104 regression)
  • OSX: Fixed About dialog crash when no windows are open

Build 2104

24 August 2011
  • Added indentation guides. These may be disabled with the draw_indent_guides setting.
  • Projects: Build systems may be specified within .sublime-project files
  • Projects: Open Project and Recent Projects open the project in a new window
  • Shift+Tab will always unindent when the caret is at the beginning of the line
  • Fixed a caret quirk when pressing escape in Goto Anything
  • API: The Installed Packages directory is created at startup, to allow plugins to assume it exists
  • API: Added ids to the context menu separators

Build 2103

23 August 2011
  • Projects are now stored in two files: .sublime-project (user editable, can be checked into version control) and .sublime-workspace (containing the session state). Existing project files will be converted on load.
  • Folders in projects may be given file_exclude_patterns and folder_exclude_patterns
  • Per-project file settings may be specified in the .sublime-project files
  • Added File/Open Folder, to open a folder in a new window. These entries will appear in the Open Recent list.
  • Passing folders on the command line will open them in a new window by default
  • Fixed some scenarios were selectors weren't matching properly
  • fallback_encoding is respected by Find in Files
  • Vintage: r no longer advances the caret

Build 2102

18 August 2011
  • Added Expand Selection to Tag (Command+Shift+A on OS X, and Ctrl+Shift+A on Windows and Linux)
  • Added Close Tag (Command+Alt+. on OS X, and Alt+. on Windows and Linux)
  • Added file setting draw_shadows, which is enabled by default
  • The copy command is now recorded in macros
  • Vintage: Files are opened in Insert mode by default. This can be changed with vintage_start_in_command_mode setting.
  • Vintage: visual and visual line mode are better behaved
  • Vintage: Added support for word, quote, tag and bracket text objects
  • Vintage: w and W act as in vim
  • Vintage: Added bookmarks (m<char> and `<char>)
  • Vintage: Added support for registers
  • Vintage: Added support for macros
  • Vintage: Added S and s key bindings
  • Vintage: Added # key binding
  • Vintage: Alt+w motion can be used to move by sub-words
  • command_mode and inverse_caret_state settings are no longer serialized
  • API: Added sublime.get_macro()

Build 2101

10 August 2011
  • Added syntax, indentation, and spell checking information to the status bar
  • OSX: Changed the key binding for Add Next/Previous line to selection
  • Linux: Hid the window resize grip on Ubuntu
  • Windows: Fixed Open Containing Folder for files in root directories
  • Fixed an issue where closing a file via a key binding would select the neighboring file instead of the previous file
  • Fixed an indentation regression in 2099
  • Fixed an issue that could erroneous carets in the replace panel

Build 2100

9 August 2011
  • Fixed a syntax highlighting regression in 2099

Build 2099

8 August 2011
  • OSX: Improved tool tip key binding descriptions
  • Fixed enter not working as expected with a find panel open (2098 regression)
  • Fixed PHP commenting regression in 2098
  • Fixed a minor issue with unindent
  • OSX: Fixed Quit not quitting until the next input event
  • Vintage: Fixed an undo related issue
  • Vintage: Fixed paste as EOF
  • Vintage: Fixed j, l, space not working correctly in visual mode
  • Vintage: Added motions H, M, L, thanks to Guillermo
  • Vintage: % accepts a repeat count, to go to a fraction of the file, thanks to Guillermo
  • Vintage: Improved repeat in conjunction with visual mode
  • API: Added sublime.score_selector(scope, selector)
  • API: Added view.score_selector(point, selector)
  • API: Added view.find_by_selector(selector)
  • API: view.scope_name() now returns scope components in the expected order. view.syntax_name() is still available for compatibility.

Build 2098

5 August 2011
  • Find and replace panels operate via commands now, and indicate the relevant key bindings on the buttons
  • Added context, "panel" which can be used to vary key bindings depending on which panel is active
  • Vintage: Tweaked caret drawing
  • Vintage: escape will exit from visual mode
  • Vintage: backwards motions include the current character
  • Vintage: Added ';' and ','
  • Vintage: 'V' on empty lines works as expected
  • Vintage: 'x' now works as expected with visual line mode
  • Vintage: space won't move the selection past EOF
  • API: Added sublime.MONOSPACE_FONT option for the quick panel

Build 2097

4 August 2011
  • Fixed platform specific key bindings not loading from the User directory (2096 regression)
  • Fixed middle clicking on tab close buttons being ignored
  • Vintage: Added motions ctrl+b and ctrl+f
  • Vintage: ^ and 0 now match vi
  • Vintage: Added descriptive comments to

Build 2096

3 August 2011
  • Experimental: Added Vintage mode, for vi key bindings in Sublime Text 2
  • Added ignored_packages global setting
  • API: Added Command.description()
  • API: Fixed a crash when reloading plugins while threads are active
  • API: If a plugin module has a top level function called unload_handler, it'll be called when the plugin is reloaded or unloaded.

Build 2094

2 August 2011
  • OSX: Fixed a rare bug that could cause a crash when redrawing the minimap

Build 2093

1 August 2011
  • Fixed a scenario where tabs would be incorrectly positioned
  • Dialogs now accept both the normal enter/return key and the one one the keypad
  • Fixed window title display on Windows and Linux with a project and no open files
  • OSX: Updated keyboard handling to support the 'Dvorak - Qwerty Command' keyboard layout
  • OSX: Updated .dmg file with a symlink to /Applications
  • API: Added view.command_history()

Build 2092

31 July 2011
  • Improved labeling in Preferences menu
  • Added context menu key support (alt+F2 in OS X)
  • Files opened from the command line use the last active window on any virtual desktop, rather than only looking on the current virtual desktop
  • OSX: Sub-pixel glyph placement is disabled when rendering without anti-aliasing
  • Capped the number of threads used to read files
  • Windows without open files now display the project name
  • Fixed a scenario where Jump to Matching Bracket could cause the carets to not update
  • Changed Preferences menu mnemonic from 'r' to 'n', to remove a conflict with the find panel
  • OSX: Fixed a crash when closing a window in full screen mode
  • OSX: Fixed a scenario that could result in carets not blinking after toggling full screen
  • OSX: Fixed multi-character key bindings that don't use modifiers
  • API: Added Settings.add_on_change() and Settings.clear_on_change()
  • API: Fixed a crash when calling view.run_command("save") on a background view

Build 2090

28 July 2011
  • Linux: Fixed a menu related regression in 2088
  • OSX: Fixed not being able to click on the auto complete window
  • Fixed arrow keys not working in Goto File with an empty filter
  • Fixed Goto Symbol not updating the status bar
  • Fixing a Goto Anything sizing regression in 2088
  • OSX: Added setting use_simple_full_screen to disable Lion style full screen

Build 2088

27 July 2011
  • OSX: Added support for Lion style full screen
  • OSX: Changed key bindings for Find, Replace and Full Screen to match Lion defaults
  • Overlay scroll are now a light color when over dark backgrounds
  • Fixed Goto Line not updating the status bar
  • Linux: Reduced memory usage
  • Theme: Added a 1px border to the right of the side bar
  • Theme: Controls that used to use 'background_color' now use layers instead
  • Theme: Added new class, sidebar_container
  • Theme: Minimap viewport color is themeable, via the minimap_control class
  • Theme: Added new class overlay_control
  • Theme: Theme specific widget settings are now used, via Widget - <theme name>.sublime-settings

Build 2087

26 July 2011
  • OSX: Fixed a startup regression in 2086
  • Added new caret style, 'phase'
  • Tweaked overlay scroll bar animation
  • Fixed a crash when switching windows with a quick panel open
  • Theme: Label controls have shadow_color and shadow_offset properties
  • Theme: Layers now have a repeat property

Build 2086

25 July 2011
  • OSX: Added support for OS X 10.7 style scroll bars (over-bounce is not implemented yet)
  • Tweaked smooth caret blinking
  • Linux: Improved redraw performance
  • Theme: Images are reloaded on the fly
  • Theme: Exposed sheet_container_control for styling

Build 2085

21 July 2011
  • Fixed an intermittent crash on scroll introduced in 2084
  • Output panel heights are deserialized from the session

Build 2084

20 July 2011
  • Carets blink by default (can be changed with the caret_style file setting)
  • Line highlights are disabled by default
  • OSX: File name disambiguator is shown in the window title
  • Added global setting binary_file_patterns, to exclude files from Goto Anything and Find in Files
  • Panel heights are stored in the session
  • Theme: Tab close buttons no longer show on hover
  • Theme: Buttons now use standard label controls for their text
  • Theme: Label controls now have properties font.face, font.size, font.bold and font.italic
  • The default shadow width for color schemes with a light background is smaller
  • Improved consistency of auto scrolling speed
  • Fixed a scenario that could result in Goto Anything rows appearing in the wrong location

Build 2083

15 July 2011
  • Tweak to sub-pixel glyph positioning
  • Tab close buttons will show on hover if hidden via show_tab_close_buttons
  • Improved scrolling when dragging the mouse outside of the text control
  • Dropped files will be opened in the pane they're dropped on
  • OSX: Added setting open_files_in_new_window
  • Fixed a crash introduced in 2081 when switching between a quick panel and the command palette
  • Fixed a cursor state regression in 2081

Build 2082

14 July 2011
  • Tab labels fade rather than elide, and are better positioned to make use of available space
  • Fixed erroneous cursor calculation
  • Fixed regression with save_on_focus_lost in 2081
  • Fixed shift+page up/down regression in 2081
  • Fixed Find Results buffer not scrolling as desired on OS X

Build 2081

13 July 2011
  • Improved scrolling logic when working with cloned files, and resizing word wrapped files
  • Windows: Added support for rendering text via DirectWrite. This can be activated with the directwrite font option.
  • Improved behavior of page up / page down
  • Added global setting show_tab_close_buttons
  • Added global setting mouse_wheel_switches_tabs
  • Find in Files: 'Use Buffer' is now selected by default
  • "New Folder" menu item can create multiple folders at once
  • Fixed scenario where characters with a background color could be drawn clipped
  • Goto Symbol is able to display symbols with forward slashes
  • Windows: Save As dialog will prompt to overwrite files
  • Windows: Fixed a scenario where the update notification dialog could be missed
  • OSX: Command+Alt+Owill toggle overwrite mode
  • OSX: Command+,will open the user file settings
  • API: Added window.hwnd() (Windows only)
  • API: More strictly enforcing the main thread only usage restriction

Build 2080

7 July 2011
  • OSX: Text layout uses sub-pixel positions
  • duplicate_line will operate on non-empty selections, duplicating the selection
  • Improved Toggle Comment behavior on empty selections for languages without line comments
  • OSX and Linux: Fixed reading and writing of UTF-16 encoded files
  • OSX and Linux: Select Folder dialogs allow multiple selection
  • OSX: When dropping multiple files on the dock icon, they'll be opened in the same window
  • Fixed regexes causing performance issues in the SQL and JavaScript syntaxes on files with long lines
  • API: show_input_panel() will run its callbacks at a time when they're able to show panels and overlays

Build 2078

5 July 2011
  • OSX: Files and folders dropped onto the dock icon will be opened in a new window
  • Added Reveal in Side Bar context menu item
  • Added menu items for syntax specific settings and distraction free settings
  • File name disambiguators are not shown for cloned files
  • New windows are created using the size of the current window, ignoring any maximized or full screen state
  • Tab completion will never trigger if there's whitespace to the left of the cursor
  • API: Changed handling of on_query_completion results with an empty trigger
  • API: Added window.views()

Build 2077

4 July 2011
  • Linux: Subpixel antialiasing is enabled by default
  • New windows are created with the settings and size of the previous window
  • Removed new_window_settings global setting
  • Files with the same name, but different directories, now have unambiguous labels in the side bar and tabs
  • Using a bullet, rather than an asterisk, to indicate dirty files
  • OSX: Initial support for input methods
  • Commands may be passed as arguments via --command
  • Enabling scroll_past_end in Distraction Free.sublime-settings
  • Added Tools/New Snippet menu item
  • shellVariables values specified in .tmPreferences files are available to snippets, fixing many Rails snippets.

Build 2075

1 July 2011
  • Fixed a rendering regression in 2066 with multiple selections and styles with background colors
  • Fixed an autocomplete regression in 2074
  • Fixed escape not working reliably in the about box under Linux

Build 2074

30 June 2011
  • Relabeling from Alpha to Beta
  • Stopped spaces showing on the minimap
  • Windows: Tweaked menu hiding
  • Added Toggle Comment support for YAML
  • API: Improved support for on_query_completions and non-word triggers

Build 2072

30 June 2011
  • Fixed a regression in 2071 with background styles in themes
  • Added an HTML completion for the style tag

Build 2071

29 June 2011
  • Changed default selection border color. It can now be customized in .tmTheme files with the selectionBorder key
  • Added shift_tab_unindent setting, to force shift+tab to unindent even without a multi-line selection
  • Added rot13 command (accessible via the Command Palette)
  • Tweaked Wrap Selection with Tag
  • Increased search limit for the Jump to Matching Bracket command
  • result_line_regex may specify a column and message (using the 2ed and 3rd capture groups)
  • Fixed selection rendering bug causing some incorrect pixels at some font sizes
  • Improved auto-indent behavior in the face of mixed indentation
  • OSX: Changed the color space used for rendering
  • Windows: Improved support for menu hiding
  • API: Improved the behavior of tab completion in conjunction with on_query_completions returning non-word triggers

Build 2070

25 June 2011
  • OSX: Distributing as a universal binary, with 64 bit and 32 bit support
  • Improved toggle block comment on an empty selection
  • Command Palette: Accepts a 'text' argument like Goto Anything
  • Command Palette: Added extra preference and project entries
  • Command Palette: Disabled commands are hidden
  • JavaScript: Added support for node.js shebangs
  • Shell Script: Fixed file type associations
  • Fixed shutdown not proceeding while folders are being scanned
  • Fixed the minimap initially showing at the wrong size on new files
  • insert_snippet command: extra arguments passed to the command will be forwarded onto the snippet
  • API: Fixed view.run_command() not accepting unicode strings
  • API: Added sublime.platform() and sublime.arch()
  • API: Quick Panel will widen to accommodate its content

Build 2069

22 June 2011
  • Added Command Palette (Windows and Linux: Ctrl+Shift+P, OSX: Command+Shift+P)
  • Added encode_html_entities command (accessible via the Command Palette)
  • Tweaked auto-pairing rules
  • Fixed Add Line Before adding indentation on lines where there should be none
  • Fixed mouse interaction when draw_centered is turned on
  • Fixed issue when using Find/Replace with back references and a reversed search direction
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur after closing a file, then changing layout
  • Tab can now be used in input panels to jump between snippet fields
  • API: Added window.show_quick_panel()
  • API: Added window.focus_view()

Build 2068

19 June 2011
  • Added Distraction Free mode (accessible via View/Enter Distraction Free Mode)
  • Pushed out selection rectangles by 1px to the left
  • Added a key binding to wrap the selection in a tag (Windows and Linux: Alt+Shift+W, OSX: Ctrl+Shift+W)
  • Added setting ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save
  • Supporting the draw_centered option
  • Fixed spell checking for words with non-ascii prefixes or suffixes
  • Find highlight color will default to yellow if a color scheme doesn't specify one
  • Fixed a scenario where the label and close button on a tab would be in the wrong spot
  • Fixed a quirk when using Goto Anything, typing, and then clearing the text box
  • API: Fixed view.replace() scrolling the view

Build 2066

17 June 2011
  • Added a progress bar when loading files
  • Selected text is rendered with syntax highlighting, unless the color scheme specifies a 'selectionForeground' key
  • Monokai is now the default color scheme, rather than Monokai Bright
  • Removed 1px from the bottom of the line highlight
  • Current directory when building will default to the file's directory if none is specified in the build system
  • Added a File/Close All menu item
  • Folders may now be dropped anywhere on the window, not just on the side bar
  • Improved the HTML completion for link
  • The auto_complete command now takes an optional disable_auto_insert argument
  • Minor speed improvement to Goto Anything
  • Linux: Fixed an issue that could cause the status bar not to show at startup
  • Linux: Changed Python compiler settings, to enable loading of compiled python extensions, and importing the hashlib module
  • API: Calling run_command() from Python will no longer bypass is_enabled() checks

Build 2064

15 June 2011
  • Added some missing scope selectors to the Scala snippets
  • API: Region rendering will use the foreground and background colors for a given scope if both are specified in the tmTheme file

Build 2063

14 June 2011
  • Added "Reopen with Encoding" menu
  • Find highlighting has been tweaked
  • Updated Scala package
  • Added Clojure syntax highlighting
  • Added Haml syntax highlighting
  • Added reStructuredText syntax highlighting
  • Syntax menu is now organized by package
  • Improved .tmLanguage file compatibility with regards to 0 length matches in rules
  • Fixed a glyph rendering bug introduced in 2060
  • OSX: Fixed a scenario that could result in the save panel double adding an extension

Build 2062

11 June 2011
  • Added key bindings to toggle find options, which are shown in the tool tips
  • Find: The number of matching occurrences is indicated in the status bar
  • Find: Found text is highlighted in a separate color
  • OSX: Added key binding for Wrap Paragraph at Ruler (Command+Option+Q)
  • Improved multiple selection in the side bar
  • Added Solarized color schemes
  • Fixed a tab close button regression in 2061

Build 2061

8 June 2011
  • Themes are automatically reloaded
  • Theme selectors are more powerful, and can now select based on the classes and attributes of parents
  • OSX: Added document icons
  • API: Added functions Window.num_groups(), Window.active_group(), and Window.focus_group(group)
  • API: Added Window.folders(), to access the currently opened folders

Build 2060

13 May 2011
  • OSX: Using a white ibeam cursor on dark backgrounds
  • Improved cold startup time
  • Added 'theme' global setting
  • Color Schemes: Added inactiveSelection and inactiveSelectionForeground keys
  • Fixed UI glitch with the replace panel and empty replacement strings
  • Fixed crashes with very large or very small font sizes

Build 2058

28 April 2011
  • Fixed a build system regression in 2057
  • Fixed an issue with scrollbars on small files

Build 2057

27 April 2011
  • Shift+Tab will insert a literal tab
  • Removed Tab,Tab behavior
  • Theme: Tweaked tab header background
  • Shift+Mouse wheel scrolls horizontally
  • OSX: Added support for Help/Search
  • Updated HTML completions
  • Updated path handling in

Build 2056

21 April 2011
  • Tab completion is smarter about when to insert a completion, and when to insert a tab
  • Status bar column display correctly accounts for tabs
  • Recent files no longer appear in the Goto Anything list
  • Fixed an issue with tab, tab to insert an explicit tab
  • Fixed an interaction between tab completion and snippets with punctuation triggers
  • Added tab_completion_double_tab setting

Build 2055

13 April 2011
  • Added global setting, remember_open_files
  • Auto complete is now case insensitive
  • Tab completion is enabled by default. Pressing tab twice will insert a tab rather than a completion
  • Pressing Ctrl+Space after a tab completion will adjust the last completion, rather than starting a new one
  • Disclosure buttons on the tree control have a larger target area
  • Tweaked smooth scrolling
  • Goto Anything no longer smooth scrolls
  • Syntax caching is more robust

Build 2054

5 April 2011
  • Smooth scrolling is re-enabled by default, and the implementation has been tweaked
  • Added spell checking
  • OSX: Activating the application when no windows are open creates a new window
  • Startup time is a little better
  • Fixed a crash when quickly clicking on the side bar close buttons

Build 2053

29 March 2011
  • Reverted various changes in 2052
  • Improved behavior of the tab key when tab_completion is disabled

Build 2052

28 March 2011
  • Added smooth scrolling
  • Linux: Fixed a crash that could occur in Save All