Distraction Free Mode

Distraction Free Mode shows your files full screen, with nothing but text shown in the center of your monitor. All UI chrome is hidden, but accessible. Distraction Free Mode can be entered into via the View ▶ Enter Distraction Free Mode menu item.

When in Distraction Free Mode, all UI chrome (side bar, minimap, status bar, etc) will be hidden. You can selectively enable parts of the UI via the View menu – your settings will be remembered next time you enter Distraction Free Mode.


Certain settings will be applied when in Distraction Free Mode. The default settings (located in Packages/Default/Distraction Free.sublime-settings) are:

    "line_numbers": false,
    "gutter": false,
    "draw_centered": true,
    "wrap_width": 80,
    "word_wrap": true,
    "scroll_past_end": true

You can customize these via editing Packages/User/Distraction Free.sublime-settings, which is accessible via the Preferences ▶ Settings – Distraction Free menu item.

It’s worth noting the "wrap_width" setting, above. The value of 80 causes wrapping to happen at 80 characters. You may want to set this to a higher value, or wrap to the window width, by setting it to 0.