Packages are a collection of resource files used by Sublime Text: plugins, syntax highlighting definitions, menus, snippets and more. Sublime Text ships with several packages, and more user created ones are available.

Packages are stored in .sublime-package files, which are zip files with a different extension. Packages may also be stored unzipped within a directory, or a mix of the two: any loose files in the package directory will override files stored in the .sublime-package file.


Zipped packages may be stored in:

  • <executable_path>/Packages/

  • <data_path>/Installed Packages/

Loose packages may be stored in:

  • <data_path>/Packages/

For example, the package Python is stored in <executable_path>/Packages/Python.sublime-package, and any files in the <data_path>/Packages/Python/ directory will override those stored in the .sublime-package file.

In general, <executable_path>/Packages/ is for packages that ship with Sublime Text, and <data_path>/Installed Packages/ is for packages installed by the user.

Special PackagesπŸ”—

There are two special packages: Default and User. Default is always ordered first, and User is always ordered last. Package ordering comes into effect when merging files between packages, for example Main.sublime-menu. Any package may contain a file called Main.sublime-menu, however this won’t override the main menu, instead the files will be merged according to the order of the packages.

Packages other than Default and User are ordered alphabetically.

Creating a New PackageπŸ”—

To create a new package, simply create a new directory under <data_path>/Installed Packages/. You can access this directory from the Preferences β–Ά Browse Packages menu.

Overriding Files From a Zipped PackageπŸ”—

To override a file in an existing package, just create a file with the same name under the Packages/<Package Name>/ directory.

For example to override the file function.sublime-snippet in the Python.sublime-package package that ships with Sublime Text, create a directory called Python under the <data_path>/Packages/ directory, and place your function.sublime-snippet file there.