Spell Checking

Sublime Text uses Hunspell for its spell checking support. Additional dictionaries can be obtained from the OpenOffice.org Extension List.

Dictionaries in a format ready to be used by Sublime Text are available at https://github.com/titoBouzout/Dictionaries.


Sublime Text currently only supports UTF-8 encoded dictionaries. Most dictionaries are not encoded in UTF-8, instead using a more compact encoding for the language in question. To use a dictionary with Sublime Text, it'll first need to be converted into UTF-8.

Once you have a UTF-8 encoded dictionary, it can be installed by placing it in a package, for example, Packages/User/, which you can access from the Preferences ▶ Browse Packages menu item. Once the file is in place, you can select the dictionary from the View ▶ Dictionary menu.


There are two settings that effect the spell checking: spell_check, which controls if spell checking is enabled, and dictionary, which gives the path to the dictionary file to use. For example:

spell_check boolean

If spell checking is enabled

Default: false
dictionary string

The package-relative path to the dictionary file

Default: "Packages/Language - English/en_US.dic"
added_words array of strings

An array of properly spelled words to augment the dictionary with

Example: ["unobscurable"]
ignored_words array of strings

An array of words to ignore when checking spelling

Example: ["revelationary"]


  • next_misspelling: Select the next misspelling
  • prev_misspelling: Select the previous misspelling
  • add_word: Adds the word given by the word argument to the add list
  • ignore_word: Adds the word given by the word argument to the ignore list