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Small feature request

Small feature request

Postby mark4 on Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:02 am

What would it take to get you to add the ability to move the cursor ANYWHERE and the ability to then immediately start typing at that location?

What I mean is if i cursor down one I would like to NOT see the cursor behaving in a schitzoid manner jitterbugging lefty righty lefty righty all the time. This is actually a major pet peeve of mine and I literally cannot use any editor that behaves in this manner.

If the cursor is in column 10 prior to the move my eye fully expects it to be in column 10 AFTER the move. Even if column 10 is beyond the new lines EOL. This allows me to scroll down the sources and be able to visually track where the cursor moves from and where it moves to without I have to constantly readjust my horizontal point of focus. I am already adjusting my vertical point of focus because im moving the cursor vertically - having to adjust both at the same time constantly drives me BATTY (*twitch*).

Also, if i move the cursor onto a new line, beyond the current EOL and then start typing the editor should (imho!) insert exactly the correct number of spaces (never tabs amg!).


LOVE the color scheme, always spend ages futzing around getting rid of the standard blinding wall of white theme, dont have to here :)

also, while i test this over the next couple of days I will have to run it under wine as the native Linux version is complaining about libpng12.so.o not being available. I have version 1.5.8 installed. Hope this works in wine :)

ugh, cant run in wine either, wine complains "an application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly".
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