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Regex Syntax Highlighting

(Just a short post while I get the next one ready)

Sometimes its the little things that make the difference. When you’re entering a regular expression, you get syntax highlighting in the text box:

You can see in the bottom of the screenshot, the regex operators and character classes are rendered nicely.

Jon Skinner


  1. I like what you have so far. I’m always looking for better tools. I have your RSS, you have my attention :)

    Comment by Tom — December 30, 2007 @ 5:22 am

  2. Apparently there’s a wave of new text editors for Windows.

    Are you considering TextMate-ish features for ST? I think it’s inevitable to bring up that name when you talk about text editors nowadays, and the one to use as measuring rod.

    Any plans of demos, alpha/beta releases and the like yet? :-)

    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Guillermo — December 30, 2007 @ 5:33 am

  3. Guillermo: TextMate has been an inspiration for some features, snippets especially.

    While there’s no fixed release date yet, it’s not _too_ far away.

    Comment by Jon Skinner — December 30, 2007 @ 12:56 pm

  4. Is there eventually going to be ClearType support? (I’ve spent plenty of time in Emacs with ProFont, it’s not a critical feature or anything.)

    I have you added to my bookmark toolbar. You have my attention.

    Comment by Warren Henning — December 31, 2007 @ 3:37 pm

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